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How Many Spark Plugs Are There in a Car

How Many Spark Plugs Are There in a Car

The spark plug is a ceramic insulated plug that has a metal threaded shell, which is electrically isolated from the central electrode. It is securely placed at the top of the cylinder head in the combustion chamber.

Most car engines have one spark plug for each cylinder. But some engines may require a couple of them for every cylinder. For example, in a HEMI (Hemispherical) engine, each cylinder requires two sparkers. So the number of ignition plugs will depend on the number of cylinders in your car engine. It can match the same number or can be doubled, depending on the engine type.

To determine how many sparking plugs are in a car, you can count the number of spark plug wires. Because each spark plug is attached with one spark plug wire each.

Identifying The Number Of Spark Plugs In Different Engines

Counting the wires is the easiest way of identifying the number of spark plugs.

How Many Spark Plugs Does a V12 Engine Have?

V12 engines typically come with one spark plug for one cylinder. Thus, the V12 engine requires 12 spark plugs in most cases. However, there are some exceptions, for instance, some modern manufacturers like Mercedes use 2 sparklers for every cylinder in a few of their models, resulting in 24 igniters in total.

Some V12 Engines

Some popular brands such as Maybach by Mercedes, and Rolls Royce by BMW equip their vehicle with V12 engines. The Japanese Toyota uses the V12 engine on the Century Limousine.

If you’d like to change a spark plug on the V12 engine, we recommend using OEM equipment. The OEM sparking plug will optimize the overall fuel efficiency and improve the ignition pattern of the engine.

How Many Spark Plugs Does a V10 Engine Have?

The V10 engine has 10 cylinders and each one has a spark plug, so it consists of 10 igniters in total. Besides the enhanced performance, V10 engines are famous for the fantastic sound they produce.

SomeV10 Engines

Some powerful cars such as the Lexus LFA and the Dodge Viper use V10 engines. Apart, you may find the V10 engine in the Ford E-series, ranging from the Ford E250 up to E450.

The V10 engine design has 10 piston cylinders, forming a V-shape around a crankshaft. It is mainly perfect for giant and heavy-duty Ford trucks and cargo vans, the Ford E-series to mention a few. Actually, the V10 engine is not so popular compared to the V8 and V12.

How Many Spark Plugs Does a V8 Engine Have?

In most cases, the V8 engine comes with 8 spark plugs. But the actual number of sparkers depends on the type of V8 engine. However, some manufacturers utilize dual-ignition technology in the V8 engine. In that cases, the V8 motor requires 2 sparkers for each cylinder.

Some V8 Engines

  • Popular V8 engines that have 16 spark plugs are the 2003 Mercedes CL55 AMG, 2006 Dodge Charger R/T, 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7L, and 2013 Dodge Ram 5.7L.
  • The V8 engine on the 2015 Ford Mustang GT has 8 ignition plugs. And the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS has also the same.
  • Another V8 engine on the 2008 Chevrolet Corvette, 2008 BMW M3, 2009 Pontiac GTO, and the 2016 Ford F150 have 8 igniters.

Since the V8 engines with the dual ignition technology equip two sparking plugs for every cylinder, it maximizes horsepower and improves fuel economy.

How Many Spark Plugs Does a V6 Engine Have?

Similar to the other types of engines, the V6 engine may contain 6 spark plugs or 12 in total. Most models with the V6 engines come with 6 spark plugs. Of course, there are some exceptions. To check the number of sparkers of your car with a V6 engine, you need to count down the number of wires.

Some V6 Engines

  • The V6 Mustang, V6 Honda Accord, V6 Dodge Charger, V6 Nissan Maxima, V6 Chrysler 300, V6 Toyota Tacoma, V6 Ford Explorer, and V6 Jeep Grand Cherokee engines have 6 sparking plugs.

However, the Chevy Impala V6 engine can have either 4, 6, or 8 spark plugs. You have to check the wires to find out the number of sparkers. We recommend replacing the entire set when you need to replace even just one in terms of the V6 engine.

How Many Spark Plugs Does a V4 Engine Have?

The V4 engine can have 2 different types of ignition plugs: Hot Spark Plugs, and Cold Spark Plugs.

  • Hot ignition plugs: These types of igniters contain more insulation compared to their cold counterparts. And these are commonly used in standard engines.
  • Cold ignition plugs: The high-performance engine with high horsepower as well as high compression rate uses cold ignition plugs. Since the insulation is less, it can surpass more heat from the combustion chamber.

Most V4 engines come with 4 sparkers, one for every cylinder. But some manufacturers put 8 spark plugs in the V4 engines in order to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Do All Modern Cars Have Spark Plugs?

The answer is straight no. To be more precise, diesel engine-powered cars and electric cars don’t require any spark plugs.

Spark plugs are used in gas-powered engines. Specifically, SI (spark ignition) engines put spark plugs to ignite the fuel to deliver the power.

Some modern car boasts dual ignition technology. The dual ignition plugs offer more consistent ignition compared to the single one, making the ignition process faster and more effective. The double ignition system generates optimal power and minimizes harmful emissions.

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