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What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Old Spark Plugs?

You shouldn’t overlook a worn-out spark plug. When you don’t change an old spark plug that has lost most of its potential, the engine starts to misfire, freeze, jam acceleration, decrease mileage, etc. You might even need to sell your car to a junkyard if you keep driving with these symptoms for quite some time.

Ultimately, using a damaged or fouled ignition plug can lead you to horrible situations. As plugs are reasonably priced, it is best to immediately change the ones that are causing any issues.

What Are The Issues that Bad Spark Plugs Cause?

Three major components of vehicles are dependent on the sparking plugs:

  • Engine
  • Combustion Chamber
  • Fuel Circulation

Unstable plugs damage these three parts severely. Among them, these are the primary and common ones below.

Bad spark plugs can’t burn the whole air-fuel mixture at a time. Unburnt mixtures thus reach the autoignition stage and create knocking or detonation. Somehow, it disrupts the pistons’ synchronizations, and the engine gets damaged because of it.

Apart from that, your car becomes a steady snail. Your vehicle can take time to accelerate and change the gear properly. You might even feel your car is losing speed and pickups suddenly.

But most drivers who know what misfiring is, fear it most. It causes direct damage to the engine cores and cylinders by freezing the functions. Lack of sparkles in the cylinders means lack of power to the engine, resulting in misfiring at some points.

The most shocking part about misfiring issues is the more you try to run your car while misfiring, the less the car’s lifespan becomes.

Rough Idling is another damage that fouled plugs create. It mainly indicates massive RPM drops. You will feel you have to force your car a lot. This lack of smoothness can cause you trouble while you are driving at a very high speed.

As I said before, a bad ignitor plug leads to low firing. Which indicates less fuel burn and more waste. Until you spend at least a few bucks purchasing the best spark plugs, the driving cost remains too high because of poor mileage.

Should You Use New Spark Plugs with Old Ignition Coils?

Ignition coil packs last more than plugs usually. A well-maintained coil for ignition lasts around 100,000 miles of consistent driving. So, I can’t find any mistake in using new plugs with existing coils until the coils are unable to shift battery voltage.

In Short

Ignition plugs’ maintenance and replacement when needed is a mandatory job for car owners. The better decision is to change the plug after 30,000 miles’ driving even if the plug seems okay.

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