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How Long Does It Take to Replace an Ignition Coil?

How Long Does It Take to Replace an Ignition Coil

No matter how much time it takes, the main thing you should focus on is how well the installation is done. Generally, you can replace one ignition coil within half an hour. But when the car engine has multiple cylinders and one coil for each, It is hard to finish replacing even within an hour.

Not only that, but coils located beneath several engine parts are also difficult to remove. You might even need to spend some bucks to hire a mechanic for this job if you are not confident enough.

Can You Replace Ignition Coils in a Short Time?

Trying to do some upgrades in your garage without any expert help is quite appreciated. But people do get restless when the work takes hours of effort.

Nowadays, modern cars feature multiple coils and packs. Some stay on top and some underneath. Reaching those coils that are covered with other wirings and components is a critical task. You need to safely remove other parts first. Then, you can get access to the coil you want to replace.

However, as you are eager to know how long does it take to change spark plugs and coils, let me make my opinions precise:

1. How Long Does it Take to Detect & Change Bad Ignition Coils

First of all, if you don’t know which coil is faulty and needs replacement, no one can say how much time you require to detect the damaged coil. But if you have an On-Board diagnosis system, it can never be a headache. You can identify within a few minutes. The rest can be done within 20 minutes or so.

2. What to Disconnect While Changing Coils

You only need to disconnect the battery wires and the ignition coil cables connected to spark plugs and distributors. It is to bring out the ignition coil. With all the essential tools, it might take 10 to 15 minutes.

3. How Much Time Does it Take to Remove Coil Packs

Surprisingly, replacing a whole coil pack is easier. Though it can take a bit of extra time, you don’t have to worry about removing the ignition wire. Ensuring other parts are not damaged and putting outweary coils and wires can be finished in an hour.

4. Can Changing Spark Plugs with Damaged Coil Takes Time

Sometimes you might have to replace bad spark plugs along with coils to eliminate misfires. To do so, the extra work here is to reach the engine cylinders and bring out the plugs using a torque wrench. Usually, removing spark plugs requires 5-10 minutes. So, this is not a huge load I think.

5. Is Installing a New Ignition Coil Pack a Lengthy Job

Not at all!!

To install a new coil, plug, and wire, you only have to put those in the right place and screw or torque them with proper tools. You might have to take some preparations before mounting a new coil. After that, connect all the ignition cables, spark plugs, coils, O2 sensors if present, and other stuff.

And uno reverse the rest of the things you have done to reveal the previous coil pack ignitor. So, you can finish the main job in 10 minutes. In total, the replacement takes nearly 30 minutes apart from other relevant stuff.

In Short

The duration of replacing fouled coils with new ones depends mostly on car models and how badly the inner functions are damaged.

No matter how complex the work is, you can do it smoothly without getting stuck anywhere when you know the right way. So, know the right way to fix the ignition system for solving sudden issues.

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