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How Long Does an Ignition Coil Last?

How Long Does an Ignition Coil Last

However, there is always a concern about the lifespan of this important component. An ignition coil can last around 100,000 miles. It can be more or less, depending on some key factors like the technical fault The longevity may vary from brand to brand as well.

In this article, I’ve discussed the longevity of different ignition coils, how frequently you should replace the coils and the signs of bad ignition coils.

How Often Should Ignition Coils Be Replaced?

The main 2 reasons behind changing an ignition coil are the life expectancy and technical fault. The replacement of the ignition coils may be required in 2 different situations.

First of all, you should change the coils usually after one hundred thousand miles. Albeit, you may need to change before the recommended period if the components got damaged or faced any technical difficulties.

If you ask how frequently you should change, there is no exact answer. Because an ignition coil can go faulty at any time. Who knows when your ones will get damaged. Normally, it is expected that the ignition coils will last around 100,000 miles. But it may get damaged before its recommended life expectancy.

Now let’s talk about why you should change bad ignition coils. The bad ignition coils will reduce your fuel economy. It even decreases the overall performance of your engine. So your car will run poorly with bad ignition coils.

5 Signs of the Bad Ignition Coil

Here are some common signs of band ignition coils below.

  • Engine Misfiring: It is one of the most common symptoms of having bad ignition coils in your engine.
  • Backfiring: Backfiring may occur if your car contains any faulty ignition coils. You can identify it if the black smoke surpasses through the exhaust pipe.
  • Poor Fuel Economy: The mileage of your car may reduce for a number of reasons. Having a faulty ignition coil is one of the important factors for poor fuel performance.
  • CEL (Check Engine Light) on or DTC Code: You may notice that the CEL is turned on suddenly. Usually, it may happen for many reasons. But it is also a symptom of a bad ignition coil. In this case, you can use a car code scanner to identify the issue.
  • Engine Hard Starting: Even though you face this difficulty for a variety of reasons, faulty spark plugs also can be a reason. So if you face engine hard starting, you should check your ignition coils.

Some Reputed Brands That Offer Durable Spark Plugs


NGK is one of the most famous brands that offer various engine components. If you find durable ignition coils, then NGK is an excellent option.


When it comes to choosing automotive parts and accessories, Bosch is also a reliable name. You will find the robust and long-lasting ignition coils from Bosch.


Denso is another popular brand that comes with durable and reliable components for vehicles. Their ignition coils also have long life spans.

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