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How to Put Spark Plug Boot on Wire?

How to Put Spark Plug Boot on Wire

Spark plugs are one of the most vital car components. They are also one of the least durable parts. So, it’s essential for every car owner to understand and master how to put spark plugs on wire. In just a few minutes, you’ll learn to change your spark plug boot with this quick and easy guide.

The Process of Put Spark Plug Boot on Wire

Before you start, note down the order of spark plug wires installed. If you mess up the order, there could be a potential cylinder misfire or poor combustion. Your engine might end up severely damaged if you use the car in such a state.

What You’ll Need

Gather your materials. You’ll just need spark plug boots. Replacement wires are optional.

General safety equipment such as rubber gloves and insulating shoes are recommended.

Starting Out

Make sure everything under the hood has cooled down. It could take up to several hours. Disconnect the battery.

Pulling Out the Old Parts

Remove the previous spark plug wire set. Start with the longest wire, and remove one at a time.

Lift up on the metal clips while securing the distributor cap to its base. Gently pull at the boot, and twist it to remove each wire.

Pulling the wires could potentially tear the conducting threads inside.

Assembling the Wire

On one end of the wire module, push the spark plug boot. Gently roll the edge of the boot. This action helps the boot let out the excess air.

If you skip it, the boot might not sit properly on the module. Moreover, the wire might dislodge completely from the distributor cap.

Putting the Parts Back Together

Install the other end of the module to the spark plug. Push the wire on the spark plug while holding the end of the boot.

Gently push and twist until the end snaps on with the boot over the spark plug insulator. You’ll hear a small click when it happens.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the mystery of the spark plug has been dispelled. It’s just a process of removing, assembling, and putting the plugs back in the car. Remember to work patiently and methodically. You can’t go wrong if you stick to the steps. Soon, you might be teaching others how to put spark plug on wire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I find spark plugs for my car?

Spark plugs, wires, and boots are available in most local car dealerships, automotive repair shops, large department stores, and e-commerce sites. The spark plug boot home depot, Walmart, and Costco sell often come with special redeemable store points that small-town shops can’t offer.

Which spark plug is the best?

There is no definite answer to this question. Spark plugs vary based on the car manufacturer and model. I can suggest a few for popular cars like Toyota Corolla, Chevy Tahoe, and Honda Civic.

The best spark plugs for Toyota Corolla are:

1. NGK 5464-4PK Iridium IX Spark Plug
2. NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug
3. Autolite APP5683-4PK Double Platinum Spark Plug

The best spark plugs for Chevy Tahoe are:

2. ACDelco 41-962 Professional Platinum
3. NGK #3186 G-Power Platinum TR5GP

The best spark plugs for Honda Civic are:

1. NGK BKR7EIX IX Iridium
2. Bosch 9620 Pin to Pin

Can I clean my spark plugs and make them last longer?

Unfortunately, there is no commercial product available for cleaning spark plugs. You could try some DIY methods. Even if they work, the efficiency of the plug will decrease with time. And eventually, you’ll have to replace the spark plug.

How do I know I need to change my spark plug boot?

If your car engine isn’t running smoothly, spark plug is one of the most common reasons. So always check them first before moving to other causes.

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