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How To Polish A Car With A Buffer [Beginner’s Guide]

How To Polish A Car With A Buffer

Every time you drive your car or park your car, it doesn’t remain in the same state as before. It gets dirty and looks dull, and that’s why washing and polishing your vehicle is very important. Doing so will protect your car from getting damaged the varnish of your car and remain shiny.

Here we’ll outline the procedure and answer every question on how to polish a car with a buffer. Following those steps accordingly will give your car a great and dashing look indeed.

Basic Instruction to Polish Car

The very first thing you need to do to polish your car with a buffer is to wash it with clean water thoroughly. Then, you need to make the mixture that you are going to use in polishing the car. There are many types of mixture types with an instruction manual that you need to go through carefully before using them.

The mixture you’re going to use on the car for polishing must be chosen according to its color. It is very important to make circular moves using the paste you selected, and the polishing procedure must be a continuous process with equal movements.

How to Polish a Car with Electric Buffer?

It is one of the finest buffer types from the other rotary buffer types that provides polishing in a circular movement. This model is a bit heavy on the pocket as it facilitates spinning in two different ways. This very model is comparatively safer than others for beginners.

This model is also famous for its great design and adjustable speed control. In fact, you’ll find the constant speed regardless of pressure where smart motors and pads are used to build these buffers. Using this buffer produces expected results and causes no harm to the car.

How to Polish a Car with an Orbital Buffer?

This type of buffer is also very famous and the best car polisher for beginners. This buffer provides some great features which make them user-friendly and aggressive for your car. It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or a novice polisher, this rotary buffer is going to give you a smooth polishing experience.

The pads of this buffer move in a circular motion, and the motor is also very powerful and polishes the car very effectively. Moreover, this very type of buffer can be used as an all-purpose polisher.

Steps to Follow for a Great Polish

Step 1:

The polishing procedure must be started from the large flat surface of your car and piece by piece.

Step 2:

You need an adequate amount of polish to put it on the surface that you won’t treat with the paste. Whatever you need to do is cycle the buffer for proper distribution of the paste on pads.

Step 3:

The cycling speed and pressure must be controlled so that over speed and extra pressure can’t damage your car. Sufficient time should be taken for conducting the whole procedure and getting the best outcome.

Step 4:

After cleaning a part, you need to take a clean cloth or pad and put it on the buffer. Then, refill the surface with paste and start the polishing procedure and polish the rest parts of your car.

Step 5:

Now, check the whole body if there any place left unpolished. Make sure there are no more traces of more polishing, cleaning, and enjoy the extreme shine of your car.

Wash the Car

Once you’re done polishing the car, put the pad and the compound aside and wash your car. You must use automotive soap for the washing operation and make sure you wash away all the remaining compounds on the car’s body surface.

It is more effective to wipe the car surface using wet cloth before using soap or water. After you’re done washing the car, rinse the car using a hosepipe or pressure washer with clean water. You must make sure that you’re rinsing the soap or compound material away thoroughly.

Allow the Car to Dry

You can either let the car dry by itself by giving it some-time or you can dry it manually by using a dry cloth. While you’re drying the car using a wet cloth, you should wipe the car surface gently from top to bottom.

How to Wax a Car with an Electric Buffer?

Are you struggling to wax your car with an electric buffer? So, it’s important to select the right buffer like Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax can be a precise solution to wax your car’s surface. This procedure of buffing and waxing is quite similar except that you need to stress less pressure to set the wax on the surface. Less pressure is required for this process because here you need not remove the dirt from it as it is cleaned already.

Waxing the car is more like giving a final touch to your car after polishing to give your car a shiny and clean look. It is better to divide them into many parts and wax them one by one; it will make the procedure easier and save time also.

When you’re done waxing your car, wait a few minutes, let the wax dry and then wipe off if there is any extra wax left with a clean cloth.

Safety Measurements

It is very important to be cautious while you’re polishing your car by hand or with a buffer. You must have some previous experience with polishing cars. If you’re a beginner, we will suggest you watch videos on YouTube or consult any experienced people before you start polishing.

The procedure isn’t that easy to conduct, and there is a huge risk of removing the varnish from the car. Afterwards, you have to take it to the varnish, which will be more expensive. So, we must be very careful while we’re conducting the polishing operation all by ourselves.

Final Thoughts

You must remember that, if you’re not confident enough to conduct the buffing operation by yourself, then you must not do this. You better call a professional and pay for buffing and polishing. It will be a bit expensive, but taking the risk of doing it by yourself could be more expensive compare to that.

Hope the procedure and steps that we outlined above are enough to direct you in the right way on how to polish a car with a buffer so easily and make your car looking shiny and attractive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use my drill to polish my car?

If you own a lightweight cordless drill, then you can go for polishing your car with your drill. A heavyweight drill machine can damage the color of your car. You’ve to be very careful while polishing your car with your drill.

Is a buffer the same as polisher?

To a novice user, the term buffer and polisher might seem confusing. They both are used to improve the car’s surface. Polishing is mainly about restoring the paint and bringing out the luster. Buffering, on the contrary, modify and improve the color of the car.

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