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How To Clean Microfiber Car Seats (Beginner’s Guide)

How To Clean Microfiber Car Seats

Do you want to learn the cheapest, most straightforward, and DIY process on how to clean microfiber car seats? We got that sorted out for you.

The processes discussed in this article are money-saving and do not require expert-operated equipment. Besides, there are cleaning tips to ensure that you have sparkling clean car seats.

With that said, let’s dive in.

How Often Should the Car Seats be Cleaned?

This is the most debated topic when it comes to car seat cleaning. I had to ensure I reach out to an expert to avoid speculations. The precise answer is that the car seats should be washed when dirty.

However, you can vacuum the dusty seats, recommendable each month depending on how dusty the vehicle might be.

Car Cleaning Tips

It goes without being said that to achieve the expected output; the right input must be in place. What do I insinuate?

The first step in ensuring that you have an effective car seat cleaning process has a high-quality cleaner.

Further, after getting the best cleaner, it should be appropriately used while observing some cleaning regulations.

Otherwise, you might spend your energy and still get poor results. Don’t be scared! I will highlight the tips that you can consider to ensure that your energy is not wasted and the seats are sparkling.

Don’t Clean Indirect Light or Extreme Heat

Extreme heat or sunlight increases the temperature, which tempers with the effectiveness of the cleaning products. Thus, car seats need to be cleaned under normal weather conditions.

  • Avoid Silicone-Based Sprays Cleaner for Car Interior

Silicone-based sprays are very intuitive for dressing bonnet cables. However, you might be tempted to use them in the interior to give the vehicle a shiny look.

Be warned! You will get the shiny look at slippery pedals’ expense and unpleasant reflections from the dashcam.

  • Choose the Right Cleaning Products

After learning how to clean car seats with household products, it doesn’t mean that you can use any product available. Actually, failing to get the right cleaning products is a guarantee of poor results.

Now to my point.

The car cleaning product should be gentle to the seats and yet powerful to remove the dirt.

  • Have the Right Drying Strategy

Have you ever been tempted to drive your car while wet for it to dry faster? Then note that you messed up. Driving a partially dry vehicle may result in slippery brakes and creates streaks on the paint.

What’s the solution?

If you need the car seats and components to dry faster, use a blow dryer or triple-layered microfiber cloths.

  • Have an Unlimited Flow of Clean Water

Water is a common requirement of cleaning Mercedes suede seats and every other car model. Hence, it would be best if you had a consistent flow of water. In case you are using bucket water, at least ensure that you have two buckets filled with clean water.

Mess up with any of the above tips and have wasted cleaning hours.

The shortest and most effective process of cleaning the microfiber car seats.

Now to the main deal.

This section will discuss the shortest process of how to clean suede car seats and microfiber seats. Beset, we start. The microfiber seats can be cleaned using a cleaning solution or baking powder.

Cleaning Microfiber Seats with a Cleaning Solution


  • Microfiber towels.
  • Interior brush.
  • Cleaning solution spray.

Step 1: Vacuum the Vehicle

Vacuuming the vehicle removes the loose dirt particles, crumbs, and hair. It is a critical step, especially when cleaning baby car seats.

Step 2: Pour the Cleaning Solution on the Seats

Pour the cleaning solution and use the interior brush to scrub. Be gentle and move in overlapping sections. Ensure each seat is clean before getting to the next one.

Cleaning Microfiber Seats with Baking Soda Powder

Still, you can use baking powder to clean the seats. Below is the process.


  • Baking soda powder.
  • Vacuum.
  • rubbing alcohol.

Step 1: Sprinkle the Baking Soda

Sprinkle enough amount of baking soda in all the car seats and leave them for at least 20 minutes. That gives the baking soda time to absorb the moisture and odor in the seats.

Step 2: Vacuum the Seats for Car Detailing

Vacuuming the seats, especially when cleaning suede Recaro seats or microfiber seats, collects dirt residue on the seats and the sprinkled baking powder.

Step 3: Prepare the Cleaning Alcohol

Using a bowl, mix rubbing alcohol and water.

Step 4: Clean the Seats

With a piece of cloth, dip it in the solution, wring out the excess solution and gently rub the microfiber seats. Repeat the rubbing process until all the seats are clean. The same thing should be done when cleaning the suede car seats.

Step 5: Rinse and Let the Seats Dry

Dip a clean piece of cloth in clean water and rinse the seats.

Lastly, leave the seats completely dry.


Learning how to clean the microfiber car seats reduces the maintenance cost of the car. But even more importantly, you can guarantee that you have clean seats and the right cleaning products are used.

However, knowing the right thing and doing it in the wrong way will result in poor results.

This what I mean-

There are cleaning tips that must be observed for effective car cleaning. Do you want to know these cleaning tips? Then read this article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it easy to clean microfiber seats?

If I was to say, cleaning microfiber seats is more straightforward than you could ever expect. As a matter of fact, the cleaning process takes less than an hour. You can use a cleaning solution or baking powder, which needs to be sprinkled and left for at least 20 minutes. Additionally, you can also learn how to shampoo the car seats all by yourself.

Why is the cleaning process not effective?

An ineffective cleaning process is a result of failing to observe essential cleaning tips. Likely you are cleaning the seats with a weak strength cleaning solution or else in direct sunlight.

What is precaution?

Strictly ensure you have the right strength cleaning solution or powder. That is, the solution should be strong to remove dirt but yet gentle on the car seats.

Can I disinfect the car seats by myself?

Sure! You can also learn how to disinfect the car seats all by yourself. Purchase the right car seat disinfectant and sprays it on the seats. Remember to check on the user instructions.

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