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9 Steps How To Clean Inside Of Car Dashboard

How To Clean Inside Of Car Dashboard

The dashboard is the first impression of your car as it appears right in front of you and the passengers. Isn’t it? It’s mandatory to clean the dashboard as it tends to pile, and the console gets sticky after heavy uses.

But this is not giving the ultimate satisfaction that you are expecting. So you should look at your car’s dashboard and clean the inside of the dashboard properly. And we are telling you about the ways on how to clean inside of car dashboard?

How to Clean Inside of Car Dashboard – 9 Steps Process

We like the solution which is easy and can be applied at home. It will give you the primary stage cleaning of your dashboard. But if you include some instruments on your cleaning mission, then you will get a proper clean. Let’s get the best way to clean car interior plastic along with other parts of the dashboard.

1. Vacuum

When you hear the word “vacuum,” what comes up to your mind? You are just thinking of cleaning your home. But the vacuum is a process to clean the trash that makes an object free from dust.

In the case of the dashboard, you may find some unnecessary objects that you need to clean. In a sense, you can use a cordless vacuum for car detailing.

At first, that is the beginning of your vacuum process. And no additional instrument is required to clean it at home, and you can easily get your job done. But it will provide a primary vacuum of your product.

If you want to perform a complete vacuum of your dashboard, you need to buy a vacuum cleaner for the car. It will clean all of the dust from the dashboard. The vacuum cleaner will clear the dust from the corner of your car’s dashboard.

2. Dust Cleaning

It is the 2nd step after the vacuum process is done. Now, a cloth and a brush are crucial to complete the step. Both of them are used to clean the dust off your dashboard.

Besides, people also use a duster instead of these instruments to clean it. Make sure the bottoms and the console are cleaned. Use a paintbrush to clean corners easily.

3. Clean Your Steering Wheel

Steering is the most touched, and for this reason, it gets dirty often. We are using our palm on it regularly. If there is more than one user of your car, it will be more difficult to keep clean. You can use the dashboard cleaner to clean it. You will find some dashboard cleaning spray from the market. Use this with the help of a cloth.

And it would be best if you sprayed on your cloth to clean your steering wheel, horn, and button. Be careful during scrubbing; do it easily until removing the stain.

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4. Instrument Cluster

The instrument is located behind the steering wheel or in the middle of your car. So, it’s tough to reach the cluster that sits behind the steering wheel.

And you can’t move your arms to clean the corners of the steering wheel. To get your job done, a paintbrush is the best way to clean it properly. Don’t wipe too hard. It will affect the needles and lights.

5. The Central Console

The central console contains a music system, air-controls, and a multimedia screen. You can vacuum this place for complete cleaning. Otherwise, you can use a brush or cloth.

But vacuuming is easier than other techniques. It will increase accuracy and save time. You can spray the glass cleaner for cleaning the multimedia screens. Use this spray with the help of fiber cloth.

6. Air-Condition Vents

Clean air-con vents will help you to get fresh air. But it is the toughest part of cleaning your dashboard. You may face some obstacles when cleaning it as it’s not enough to clean only the air-con vent’s surface where you need to clean the vent line.

But you’ll find a way to clean the vents. First of all, start your car and open the doors. Put the heater on full blast and do this for 10 minutes. It will remove any fungi and make the air-con vent clean.

7. Gear Knob

It is another dirtiest place on the dashboard. The palm of our left hand continuously spends time while driving. And a damp cloth is usually used to clean it.

To get started, you should clean the gear knob and all the corners carefully. Then spray some dashboard cleaner to the cloth and wipe it carefully for better finishing.

8. Glove Box

We can take some precautionary steps to keep it clean. Some of us try to keep it clean by throwing unnecessary things from it. We have seen some people used to keep the used packets and cans during the time they ride.

First of all, you need to throw the entire unnecessary things out of the box. Remove the CDs and documents which you don’t use anymore.

Then spray some dashboard cleaner on a cloth or vinegar and wipe this cloth carefully to clean the compartment and door. Vinegar can be a natural step to remove any spot and make it clear from ants.

9. Using the Dashboard Ant

We have just completed the cleaning step. But it would help if you concentrated on future conditions also. Using a dashboard ant can be a protection for your dashboard. This dashboard keeps the plastic surfaces clean and keeps your dashboard shiny.

However, vinegar is an alternative way that is being used widely. It has enough capacity to remove any spot and keep your dashboard shiny. If you’re thinking of cleaning the dashboard naturally, this homemade dashboard cleaner takes place instead of a dashboard ant.

Different Treatments for Different Types of Dashboard

There are 4 types of dashboards you will get, and they are Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, and leather Dashboards. As we have discussed, the equipment is needed to clean a dashboard. But it would help if you were careful of using those things as per the dashboard category.

So, how to clean car dashboard plastic? In this regard, a dashboard cleaner spray is effective to remove the stains and make them clean. You can do it by wetting a microfiber cloth and putting the soap directly onto the cloth.

Then wipe it carefully for cleaning. For tougher stains, you can use vinegar. And you can easily prepare the solution at home that works as a natural dashboard cleaner. So, you’re aware of how to remove stains from the plastic dashboard, and it’s proved.

Besides, household products to clean car dashboard is one of the best ways that you can take. Everyone knows that a dashboard’s leather is a little sensitive where chemicals and other soaps may dry out the leather.

Besides, they can leave cracks and a dull appearance. So, why don’t you use a damp or microfiber cloth to get your job done? You can use oil-based soap, such as Castile soap, or non-alkaline leather cleaner for complete cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Right now, we are clear about the process of cleaning the dashboard. So, you can follow the steps to clean and shine your dashboard.

Hopefully, our automotive experts have designed this guide with a soft hand that paved your way to wash away your doubts about cleaning inside the car dashboard. We have also given a tip regarding different treatments for different types of dashboards. So you can follow this before application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use Windex to clean the dashboard of my car?

Windex is a great cleaner, which is also ideal for the dashboard.

Is olive oil safe for the car dashboard?

It will be effective to keep your dashboard shiny. But it is not ideal for leather dashboards.

Does Windex kill ants?

Windex has the quality to kill ants. It will keep your dashboard and glove box safe from ants.

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