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How To Clean Carburetor On Pressure Washer

How To Clean Carburetor On Pressure Washer

Cleaning the carburetor is very important for the pressure washer to function effectively. The carburetor is the main component of a pressure washer, which functions as the heart of the washer.

However, it is very important to keep the carburetor clean for the good functioning of the pressure washer. If the carburetor is not cleaned, the pressure washer will not work effectively. So, the question arises, how one can clean the carburetor. Well, it is very easy to clean carburetor, and today we will discuss about how to clean carburetor on pressure washer.

The Function of a Carburetor

A carburetor is used in a gas-powered pressure washer. It has no existence in an electrical pressure washer. First, let us tell you what a carburetor is. A carburetor is the generator of a pressure washer.

Gas-powered pressure washer burns fuel when they run. The carburetor provides enough air to mix with the fuel and burn so that the pressure washer can function effectively. Again, the ratio of air to fuel should be ideal for the pressure washer to function effectively.

The ratio should be 15:1 or 12:1. Whenever there is a malfunction in the carburetor, the fuel burns more than usual. It is because the carburetor gets clogged, and that is when the carburetor needs to get cleaned.

Symptoms of Clogged Carburetor

A clogged carburetor will not function properly. And it’s crucial to keep it cleaned religiously. People tend to ask how they will know that the carburetor is clogged. Well, there are some very common symptoms that a carburetor shows when it is clogged. They are stated below:

Does not start:

When the carburetor is clogged, firstly, it does not start. A clogged carburetor does not let air pass to mix with the fuel, and when there is no air, the fuel inside cannot burn.

Unwanted sounds:

Carburetors tend to produce unwanted sounds when there is an imbalance of air and fuel. As we mentioned earlier, there is an ideal ratio of air to fuel for the carburetor to function. When this ratio gets messy, the carburetor produces a different unwanted sound, which is very irritating for the user.


Sometimes, there can be a block in the valve, which does not let the fuel holder close on time. For this reason, there’s happened an overflow of felt that is liable for leakage.

Black smoke:

The carburetor produces black smoke from the exhaust when it is clogged. This black smoke is produced when the amount of fuel crosses the maximum capacity of the carburetor. Moreover, when the carburetor is clogged, the pressure washer burns more fuel than usual. That is why this black smoke is caused.


Backfiring is another common symptom of a clogged carburetor. If the carburetor has an unideal mixture of air and fuel, it tends to get overheated. This can heat the whole pressure washer and can cause harm to the engine of the pressure washer.

Malfunctioned engine:

Clogged carburetor does not let the engine function properly. As there is an imbalance in the mixture of air and fuel, it is very normal that the engine will not function at its best. Hence, a clogged carburetor results in a malfunctioned engine.

Why the Carburetor Gets Clogged?

If the carburetor is clogged, then the pressure washer won’t start. It is very important to know why the carburetor gets clogged because when you know the reason for the damage, you will be able to protect it. On the other hand, the proverb goes, “Prevention is better than cure.”

The carburetor gets clogged when the fuel is kept in the pressure washer for a long period. When the fuel burns, it creates some dirt, which eventually clogs the carburetor. So, to keep the carburetor safe, it is important not to keep the fuel in the washer for a longer period. Also, regular cleaning can keep the carburetor safe from clogging.

Process of Cleaning the Carburetor

Do you know how to clean a carburetor without removing it? No matter how much you try to keep the carburetor clean, eventually, it will get dirty, and it will need a good cleaning. Getting the cleaning from the service center can be a bit costly if you are running tight on budget.

The good news is; you can clean your carburetor at home easily by following a few steps. We have provided a detailed description of the cleaning process for the carburetor below:

1. Cleaner

To clean the carburetor, firstly, you need to get a good cleaner. There are many good carburetor cleaners out there in the market. And you shouldn’t be confused with them rather than picking a good one. And you should know how to use carburetor cleaner. While cleaning, mix 1 part of cleaner with 3 parts of water.

2. Check the air filter

Well, are you on the final line to start cleaning the carburetor? So, before starting, the air filter should be checked, and it must be okay. The air filter is not causing any blockage to the air coming to the carburetor.

3. Detach Carburetor

You need to detach all the shields and linkages with a screwdriver or a pilus that attach the carburetor with the pressed washer. After unlinking all the linkages, you will be able to bring out the carburetor.

4. Remove the Fuel Bowl

After you detach the carburetor, you need to detach the fuel bowl of the carburetor that contains all the fuel.

5. Detach Other Components

After detaching the fuel bowl, detach all the other components with the screwdriver or the pilus.

6. Wash Components

When you are done separating all the components, dip them in the cleaner one by one and scrub them generously so that all the dirt in the components comes out gradually.

7. Rinse in water

After you are done with scrubbing, take a big bucket of water and dip all the components in water so that the cleaner gets out properly.

8. Dry All Components

After washing the components with water it is very important to dry them completely. Do not reassemble components while they are wet. It can cause malfunctioning later on.

9. Rejoin

when all the cleaning and drying is done, rejoin the components as before.

This is it; following all the above steps, you can clean your carburetor easily at home without any extra costs.

Final Thoughts

So, as we promised, we gave you a detailed description of the process on how to clean carburetor on pressure washer. Cleaning a carburetor regularly will keep your pressure washer efficient. It will always work properly and give you a satisfying outcome.

One thing to keep in mind is besides cleaning the carburetor regularly; you should be careful not to let the carburetor get clogged. We have mentioned above that why the carburetor gets clogged. So if you keep that in mind, your carburetor will not get clogged easily, and you don’t have to often wash the carburetor.

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