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How to Clean Car Interior Roof (Ultimate Guide)

How to Clean Car Interior Roof

The car’s interior roof is built for absorbing sound, temperature, and many more, and they are covered with synthetic fabric or foam. However, because of pollutants, the car’s interior roof becomes dirty, and you need to clean that. So, the query is how to clean car interior roof?

Is it easy to clean a car interior, and can you do this by yourself? There is a lot to know about car interior roof cleaning and methods that you can follow actually. You will find numerical numbers of cars with different types of interior roof. However, the cleaning process for all of them will be the same.

In the following content, you will know about the cleaning methods of car interior roof and some additional tips to make the car roof more amazing. The FAQs will give you the answers to your common asking question. So, let’s start.

Why Do You Need to Clean the Car Interior Roof?

As you know, the car roof is covered with fabric, and they get dirty. So, how they get dirty, by the way? When you drive the car, your car’s ventilation system allows dust and other small pollutants to come into the car. The dust particles set into the fabric surface and make the fabric surface dirty.

Again, some chemical reaction from your car cooler and Carbon dioxide makes the car interior roof dirty. If you don’t clean the roof, then the dust will have fixed permanently on the roof surface. So, whenever you see any dust or dirt mark on a car interior roof, you should have clean it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the car roof will lose its beauty.

However, it’s time to know how to clean the car roof and apply it according to the instruction. So, let’s go.

Cleaning Dirty Car Roof

There are mainly three methods which are so much popular and effective to clean a car interior roof. You can follow them according to your situation with the car roof. The methods are-

  • Light Cleaning with Chemical and Fabric.
  • Surface Cleaning with Foam and Brush.
  • Deep Cleaning with Cleaning Machine.

Method 1: Light Cleaning with Chemical and Fabric

This is a simple method, and to perform this method, you will need-

  • Liquid Cleaner.
  • Microfiber Cloth.

When Will You Follow This Method?

– When you will see some soiling on the car interior roof, you need to follow this method. This is an effective method to follow for cleaning the light dirt on the car roof.

Step 1: Take The Cloth in Hand

You will find microfiber cloth at the shop for purchasing, and by them, you can clean the roof of your car. As the roof of your car is covered with synthetic fabric, you will need this microfiber cloth to clean that. So, pick up the cloth in your hand gently.

Step 2: Spray the Liquid on the Spot

In this step, you will spray the liquid cleaner or chemical on the spot and make rubbing on the spot with the microfiber cloth. Again, you can spray the liquid on your cloth piece and rub it on the place where you want to clean it. You are now done with the cleaning process.

Method 2: Surface Cleaning with Foam and Brush

That is also a fixed place cleaning method where you will use foam for cleaning the place. You will need-

  • Brush
  • Foam

When Will You Follow This Method?

When you find permanent dust on your car’s interior roof and remove this, you need to use this method to clean that fixed spot. That is also a very easy process.

Step 1: Take the Foam

Here you need to take the foam in your hand and attach the foam to the desired place. Now, you need to wait until the fabric as the roof cover gets wet by the foam. Generally, this method is very effective for a permanent spot on your car roof. You will find this foam in every car washing shop or online.

Step 2: Use the Brush

In this step, you should take the brush in your hand and make a cleaning attempt to the foamed area. Follow a cleaning motion so that you can have the best feedback from brushing. After brushing, you need to use a piece of clean cloth to rub that place. You will see that the dirty spot or place has already gone away.

Method 3: Deep Cleaning with Cleaning Machine

This is the best way to clean the fabric car roof, and you should perform this deep cleaning method once a month so that your car roof remains clean always. You will need

• Deep cleaning machine.

When Will You Follow This Method?

The time you will see that your whole car roof is getting some blackish mark day by day. Then you need to perform this special cleaning method.

How to Clean?

With hot water and cleaning agents, fill the machine at the beginning. After doing so, you need to turn on the machine. It would help if you kept in mind that the agents you are using to clean the roof should be from a renowned brand.

Now, you need to start from the corners of your car’s interior roof and keep going to the middle. Don’t be too rush while cleaning the surface. Make a decent speed rate for cleaning. After finishing the cleaning, you need to dry the roof and don’t take your car outside for a ride until it completely gets dried.

Additional Tips

  • Some additional tips will help you to keep your car clean and fresh. They are-
  • You should use branded air freshener on your car and spray it every time you go for a ride.
  • Always try to use the best cleaning agent for cleaning the car.
  • If you are riding through a dusty place, then you need not open the car’s window.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have known how to clean a car’s interior roof all by yourself. The methods will help you follow and perform the cleaning process, making your car clean. Now, you won’t feel uneasy while sitting in your car. Again it would help if you kept in mind that after cleaning, don’t go out for a ride until the car is completely dry.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How to clean the headliner in-car smoke?

As you have faced the smoke smell from the headliner and want to clean it, you need to take a vacuum to clean that portion after using a synthetic microfiber cloth piece to clean the place.

How to clean the exterior roof of the car?

There are many ways to clean the car’s exterior roof, but the best way is to use the cleaning solution all over the roof and take a cloth to rub the roof by hand. Here, you can also use the car roof cleaning machine to do this automatically. A car roof cleaner can be the best choice to do so.

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