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How To Clean Black Cloth Car Seats (Beginner’s Guide)

How To Clean Black Cloth Car Seats

Most people are attracted to the black interior car as it gives off a sleek and posh vibe. Despite the attraction, many people avoid purchasing black vehicles because they do not know how to clean fabric car seats properly.

Without proper understanding, you might do more damages instead of cleaning. So if you are looking for accurate and easy techniques on how to clean black cloth car seats, you have come to the right place!

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Simple and Effective Car Cloth Seat Cleaning Steps

Cleaning black car seats are not any different from cleaning any other cloth seats. But due to the black color, dirt becomes visible sooner in comparison to other colors, so you need to pay more attention to maintaining a clean car interior. 

Many consider cleaning car seats troublesome, but following these simple steps, you can now easily clean your car seats on your own.

Step 1: Remove the Seat

First, you need to take out the seat from the car to get better access to the seat for cleaning.  

Step 2: Vacuum the Seat

Before starting cleaning your cloth seats, you have to vacuum the seats.  Vacuuming will remove all the dirt, debris, etc. It would be best if you vacuumed very well at this stage. Dirt/crumbs may stick into the seats’ seams, so make sure to clean deep into the seams.

Step 3: Cleaning Solution

In this step, use a mild fabric cleaner or a cleaning spray. Apply the spray a few times into the area you need to clean. Usually, four or five times spraying is enough. 

Tip: Do not spray more than necessary. Excessive spraying might lead to mold and a foul smell on the cushion.

Step 4: Scrub the Area

Use a brush to scrub immediately after spraying on an area. After cleaning that area, start spraying on another portion. Selecting the perfect brush is also essential. Use a soft brush to rub on the cloth seat.

Tip: Do not use a stiff brush on car seat cloths as it can hamper the fibers in the cloth.

Step 5: Wipe Away the Dirt

Scrubbing the cloth seat will generate dirt. Before the seat get dried, you should clean it by using a clean towel.

Step 6:  Reinstall the Seat

Allow the seat to dry, then reinstall the seat in your car. You can vacuum the seat again to make sure no area is left wet.

Using Substitutes to Fabric Cleaners

You can make your own cleaning mixture with ingredients available in your home. Here are some common replacements for fabric cleaners.


Cleaning car interior with vinegar is one of the most used methods we can see. Take a cup of vinegar, a few drops of any dish soap and mixed them in a gallon of hot water.

Mix the solution well and dab it on the seat. To clean the stains, you can use a brush. Once you have done, wash the area with water.

Baking Soda

We all are familiar with the baking soda; you can use it to remove the awful smells on your car seats. So, want to know how to clean car seats with baking soda? Using baking soda in cleaning is effortless and straightforward.

You need to mix one-fourth cup (60 mL) of baking soda with one cup (250 mL) of warm water. Now you need to put this solution on the seat. You can use a brush to rub the stained area.

In case of dealing with difficult stains, leave the solution for half an hour.

Laundry Detergent

We all use laundry detergent in our household chores and very effective to clean cloths. It is also the perfect substitute for fabric cleaner in cleaning auto upholstery. You can use this by mixing about ½ tsp—detergent with hot water. Then spray the solution on the car’s seat.

Rinse this detergent solution off the seat with the help of a cold, wet towel. Let the upholstery to air-dry for one-two hours.

Tips for Cleaning Black Interior Car Seats

Cloth car tends to get stained very quickly because its vital absorb power and intense attraction to almost anything. Here we give you some car seat cleaning hacks.

Use Seat Covers

Seat covers are easy to install. You can wash, rinse, and reuse them.  Vacuuming or lit rolling seat covers is also very simple. So seat covers make cleaning car seats hassle-free.  They also come in various colors, which adds to the aesthetic level of your car.

Read the Manual

Before attempting to clean the car seat, you must read the manufacturer’s instructions in the manual. Car seat cleaning instructions vary from car to car. Reading the manual beforehand would prevent you from damaging the car seat when dealing with the dirty mess.

Vacuum Often

Do not wait too long to vacuum. Vacuuming often prevents accumulating debris and dirt in the upholstery. Doing this would allow you to clean the car seats effortlessly.

Try to use the cordless vacuum to clean car seat as they are portable, light, and easy to carry. Vacuuming once every two weeks, depending on the amount of dirt, would do the trick.

Right Products

Choosing the correct product for cleaning car seats is one of the most crucial factors you need to consider. Follow the instruction of the manufacturer on using the type of products to use in your specific car.

Avoid using any harsh chemicals that might affect both skin and the environment.

Hacks for Removing Stains!

You can’t avoid upholstery stains if you spend most of your time in a car or travel with kids and pets a lot. You will find stains of all kinds in car seats, and to learn how to clean stained car upholstery, you must know these life hacks.

Water Stain

It will take 1-2 minutes to learn how to get water stains out of cloth car seats. Club soda is handy in removing water stains. Spray lightly on the stained area, brush to remove the stain, and wipe the excess with a towel. Club soda can remove vomit stains too.

Ink Stain

Hairspray can do magic in removing ink stains. But you need to use it in a little amount. Then use a soft towel to dab. Always be very careful not accidentally spreading the ink when taking out ink stains.

Coffee Stain

When you spill coffee on the cloth seat, you should immediately pour cold water in a small amount and clean with a towel. If you do not do this right away, stains might stay and won’t remove easily.

Use hydrogen peroxide to clean car seats. You have to mix 1/3 hydrogen peroxide with 2/3 water in a bottle. Then scrub that area with a soft cloth.

Final Thoughts

Proper cleaning knowledge on car seats can save you from the additional maintenance expense and also guarantee safe driving, peace of mind, and increase resale value.

Now that you everything on how to clean black cloth car seats, we believe you can now use your black interior car without any worry. Happy cleaning!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I clean my cloth car seats?

Cleaning car seats involves several steps and different processes.  You can easily clean fabric car seats by vacuuming, scrubbing, and rinsing with clean water.  Try using fabric cleaner instead of an all-purpose cleaner to remove any stains from the car seats. You can also find different smelling car cleaner, auto seat cleaner to clean your car seats. Cleaning materials can also be home remedies such as vinegar/salt/baking soda solutions.

How do you get mold out of cloth car seats?

At first, remove the molds as it would help if you tried to find molds of different colors and break them with gentle strokes using a toothbrush. After freeing up the molds, use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum up these loose molds from your car seats and carpet. You can use a white vinegar-water mixture or salt-water mixture to clean the mold naturally. The cleaning process is also easy; you need to dab a cloth on the mixture or spray it using a spray bottle over the surface.

How do you restore a black car seat?

You can apply a recondition, recoloring agent to restore your black car seat. You can also adopt various cleaning techniques and products such as baking soda, baby wipes, etc., depending on the type of stain you want to remove. Using an upholstery protector is also a great way to maintain the look and effectiveness of your car.

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