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Best Spark Plugs For High Mileage – Reviews with Buying Guides

Best High Mileage Spark Plugs

Mileage is crucial for every vehicle owner. In fact, it is directly associated with the spark plugs. So you need to make sure that all of the spark plugs are in good condition.

However, the mileage or fuel performance of your engine mostly depends on the spark plugs. So think of the significance of having the best suitable sparking plugs to get satisfactory fuel economy.

By considering so many factors, we’ve made our list of the 10 best high mileage spark plugs. You can improve the overall performance of your engine, and keep the common engine problems away with these spark plugs.

# Preview Title
Autolite HT15 Platinum High Thread Spark Plug, Pack of 1
ACDelco GM Original Equipment 41-110 Iridium Spark Plug
E3 Spark Plugs E3.36 Powersports Spark Plug (1) (E336)
DENSO # 3324 Iridium LONG LIFE Spark Plugs — SK16R11 —– 4 PCS NEW
ACDelco CR43TS 5614029 (05614029) Professional Conventional Spark Plug BOX OF 8
Set of 2 OEM SP509 Platinum Spark Plugs
Set (8pcs) Denso Platinum TT Spark Plugs Stock 4503 Platinum Core .039″(1.0mm) Gap Size
Scooter GY6 50cc 150cc Spark Plug, PRO BAT, 2 Packed High Performance 3 Electrode A7TC A7TJC Spark Plug for GY6 50-125cc Moped Scooter ATV Quads, Orange
HiVehicle New Iridium Spark Plug OE19299585 41 962 – Specially For Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Buick,Hummer,Oldsmobile,Pontiac,Superior quality,8pcs set.
BMW Spark Plugs, Plug Set Laser Platinum NGK OEM 3199 (6pcs)

Reviews Of High Mileage Spark Plugs For Cars

Sometimes the plugs are specifically designed to function in car engines. One of the features the manufacturers focus on while making the parts is the durability to cover long mileage. Below you will find the reviews of the plugs which will ensure the high mileage of your car engines.

1. Autolite HT15 Platinum High Thread Spark Plug, Pack of 1

As the platinum plugs are designed according to OE specifications, they can ensure compressed seals, durability, fuel efficiency and lower emission. It also maintains consistency in the engine performance. Moreover, the parts come with a one-piece ground shield strap and a platinum fine-wire tip to improve the heat transfer, horsepower of your vehicle.

In addition, the company uses high strength steel technology to manufacture the parts. Besides, the product has a special socket tool so that it can be compatible with most cars. The part mainly fits in different Ford engines like 4.6L, 5.4L and 6.8L 3-valve engines.

However, you can mount them in other engines too, but don’t forget to check the compatibility before the installation. Autolite has around 100 years of spark plugs and glow plugs manufacturing experience, so you can choose the part without worrying about the OEM fit to the engine.


  • OEM fit.
  • Increased heat transfer.
  • Improves horsepower.
  • Durable.
  • Has a more compressive seal.


  • Some 2008 Ford f150 5.4L come in black coils and some come in brown coils, you cannot use the plugs if you have brown coils in the engine.

2. ACDelco CR43TS 5614029 (05614029) Professional Conventional Spark Plug BOX OF 8

This pack of 8 plugs has copper core electrodes to provide high thermal conductivity to the engine. As it can quickly transfer the heat, you can get an immediate solution for the common ignition problems like misfires, hard starts, poor fuel economy and so on.

In addition, the parts are made by following the OE specifications which ensures the compatibility in different automobiles like Chevrolet c2500 (1991), Silverado k1500 (1994), 1988 Chevy S10 and others.

According to the company description, you can use the plugs in your vehicles if the engines support spark plugs with 14 mm thread size, 11 mm reach and 16 mm hex size. Hence, you are recommended to check the owner’s manual or measure the plugs before purchasing them.


  • Provides smooth idling.
  • Better mileage.
  • Good throttle response.
  • Original equipment fit.
  • Have a good value.


  • Have to use anti-seize lubricant in the threads, otherwise, it doesn’t fit in the engine.

3. Set (8pcs) Denso Platinum TT Spark Plugs Stock 4503 Platinum Core .039″(1.0mm) Gap Size

The platinum core electrodes ensure the longevity and consistent performance of the engine. The parts are 1.0 mm pre-gapped which can make them suitable in engines like 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L V8, 2001 Dodge Ram, 2000 Dodge Dakota 4.7 and different Corolla models.

You can choose the plugs if you are looking for OEM fit parts that can solve the ignition problems for a long period of time. One of the good things about the set is, you can get 8 pcs of plugs in a reasonable price range.


  • They are pre-gapped.
  • Solves rough idling.
  • Perfect OEM fit.
  • Covers long mileage.
  • Reasonable pricing.


  • There are few claims that it doesn’t fit the Mercedes ML350 4matic, even though the company says it does.
  • May need to use anti-seize lubricant while using them in the 2004 and 2007 Corolla.

4. HiVehicle New Iridium Spark Plug OE19299585 41 962 – Specially For Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Buick,Hummer,Oldsmobile,Pontiac,Superior quality,8pcs set.

The HiVehicle offers you a durable spark plugs set which has been manufactured by using high quality materials. They have used imported purified alumina powder from German ALMATIS for the insulator and full- automatic ISO processing while producing the plugs. On the other hand, the center iridium alloy electrode has 360 degree laser welding.

Due to the use of the G-power iridium alloy, it provides better fuel efficiency, fast starts, increased conductivity, heat control and lower emissions. Besides, the 0.5mm laser welded fine iridium tip requires less power to create long and durable sparks to ignite the fuel. The copper-glass seal of the parts also ensures the strong air seal and good thermal conductivity. Additionally, the plugs have 5 kohm resistance to prevent radio frequency interference. You can easily install the parts if your engine is compatible with the M14 thread size.


  • Provides more power.
  • Fast starts.
  • Reduce emissions.
  • Increase engine stability.
  • High thermal conductivity.
  • Pre-gapped.
  • Has a 50k mile warranty.


  • May have to adjust the gap if you buy the plugs for your 2000 Yukon XL 5.3.

5. BMW Spark Plugs, Plug Set Laser Platinum NGK OEM 3199 (6pcs)

  • Important To Verify Fitment. Please Contact Us And Provide The Complete Vin Number Of Your Car. Including / Year / Make / Model. We Will Double Check Fitment Before The Item Ships.
  • Please Make Sure That You Are Ordering The Correct Parts For Your Vehicle. If You Don’T Know Or Not Sure Please Contact Us. We Will Reply You Within 24 Hours.

If you want a perfect replacement of spark plugs for your BMW car series, you can consider this OEM fit 6 pcs plug set. Many BMW owners prefer these plugs over Bosch plugs as they are less expensive and durable enough to cover long mileage.

However, it doesn’t mean you cannot use them in other car models, you just need to check the compatibility before installing the plugs. The parts are manufactured as per the OEM specifications which makes it really easy to install them.

These platinum plugs are better for low rpm and melting off any carbon deposits from the tips. Though they have less thermal conductivity, they can provide heat control to maintain the power of the combustion chamber.


  • Perfect OEM fit.
  • Eliminates the ignition problems.
  • Improves the mileage.
  • Comes at a reasonable price.
  • Easy to install.


There are few claims that in different BMW series like the 2000 BMW 528i, one or two plugs can create misfires. Hence, the company highly recommends checking the compatibility of the parts by contacting them.

Reviews Of High Mileage Spark Plugs For Bikes

You can also find specific types of plugs for bike engines to enhance their performance. However, here we have reviewed only one product that will be compatible in your scooter and ATV bikes.

6. Scooter GY6 50cc 150cc Spark Plug, PRO BAT, 2 Packed High Performance 3 Electrode A7TC A7TJC Spark Plug for GY6 50-125cc Moped Scooter ATV Quads, Orange

If you are looking for spark plugs for your GY6 moped scooter and ATV dirt bikes, this pair of spark plugs are for you. The Pro Bat manufactures two types of plugs for the horizontal and vertical engines of GY6 and ATV dirt bikes, such as A7TC and D8TC spark plugs. The A7TC has 12 mm thread diameter and the D8TC has a 10 mm thread which makes them compatible for a wide range of ATV and scooter engines.

The parts have 3 electrodes to transfer the power to have fast ignition in the engine. They can also increase the engine performance and save a good amount of fuel and energy. The top material of the plugs is metal which makes them durable enough to survive through all rough weather conditions. Besides, compared to the traditional plugs, these plugs can make quick acceleration.


  • Provides rapid ignition.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Has stability to work in extreme weather conditions.
  • Increase engine performance.
  • Ensures long and durable sparks.
  • Help to have fast and quick acceleration.


  • You may need the help of a professional mechanic to install the plugs.

Reviews Of High Mileage Spark Plugs Which Works both on Cars and Bikes

7. ACDelco GM Original Equipment 41-110 Iridium Spark Plug

The iridium plugs will reduce all the ignition problems of the engine and it will also make your vehicle run smoothly. Moreover, the efficient electrode design ensures that the engine has a fast start. It also prevents the carbon from depositing in the tips of the plugs.

The plugs come with a one piece suppressor seal which blocks the radio frequencies to affect the vehicle electronics. Besides, it saves the combustion chamber from any leakage. The parts have a copper core for cooler temperatures and strong durability.

They are engineered to handle severe conditions like high voltage power, temperature and psi. The parts are claimed to survive through 25000 volts, 4000F degree temperature and 2000-3000psi. Even though ACDelco mainly designs OE parts for Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac vehicles, their plugs can also be compatible with different motorcycle engines.


  • Ensures smooth engine performance.
  • Reduces rough idling.
  • Comes with a suppressor seal to block radio frequency.
  • Has strong protection against combustion leakage.
  • Wear resistant.


  • Even though they claim that these iridium plugs can be used as a replacement for platinum plugs in a 2000 GMC Yukon 5.3 liter, it doesn’t work well on this car model.
  • May wear off early in engines like the 2001 Silverado 5.3L after crossing 10k miles.

8. E3 Spark Plugs E3.36 Powersports Spark Plug (1) (E336)

As E3 spark plugs use Diamond-Fire technology to make ground electrodes, it increases the combustion pressure to have fast ignition in the engine. It can eliminate ignition problems like rough idling, hard starts, poor fuel economy and so on. Besides, the parts have the ability to boost power by 3%-6% and they can also enhance the fuel efficiency up to 3%-4%.

They will even reduce carbon emission about 58% and hydrocarbon emission near 42%. In addition, the terminal point is nickel-plated which prevents corrosion to damage the main contact point of the plugs. Moreover, the deep projection in the insulator tip gives a better spark-zone to create sparks without any negative side effects. These eco-friendly plugs are pre-gapped, hence, it makes the installation process fast and easy.


  • Has a universal fit.
  • Quick ignition.
  • Fast starts.
  • Has fuel efficiency.
  • Increase engine performance.
  • Reduces hydrocarbon emissions.
  • Have a five years warranty.


  • If you are using it for motorcycle engines, you may sometimes find it difficult to remove the cap from the plugs.
  • Doesn’t support different motorcycle engines like 2007 Honda Shadow, 2003 Shadow Ace, 2011 Kawasaki Prairie 360 and others, so check the compatibility before purchasing the plug.

9. DENSO # 3324 Iridium LONG LIFE Spark Plugs — SK16R11 —– 4 PCS NEW

The pack of 4pcs iridium plugs is more compatible in Toyota (1990-2016), Scion (2012-2015), Audi (2008-2010) and others. But it can also be used in the motorcycle engine if it supports 14 mm thread size of the plugs. Due to the iridium, the plugs have wear resistance to serve through extreme driving conditions.

The parts help the vehicle to improve the acceleration, engine performance, idling and even to have a stable combustion chamber. Moreover, they can provide great gas mileage to your engine. The gap between the electrodes is around 1.0 to 1.1 mm, so, if it is not a correct gap for your plugs, you are suggested to re-adjust the gap.


  • OEM fit.
  • Improves engine performance.
  • Gives better gas mileage.
  • Comes at a good price.
  • Have a perfect gap.
  • Eliminates the ignition problems.


  • Sometimes, porcelain comes off from the metal hex after crossing a thousand miles.

10. Set of 2 OEM SP509 Platinum Spark Plugs

The set of 2 platinum spark plugs help your engine to deliver lasting and reliable performance. The parts have extended tips which make them fit for many automotive applications. Besides, the use of double-platinum in the electrodes enhances the wear resistance of the plugs.

The 0.8 mm fine-wire ensures the long and durable sparks to ignite the fuel of the engine. The parts are mostly compatible with car models like Ford, Lincoln,Mercury and others but you can also use them in different motorcycle engines as well. However, you are suggested to use anti-seize lubricant on the threads before installing them.


  • Has a wide range of applications.
  • Makes the engine run smoothly.
  • Pre-gapped.
  • Good fuel mileage.


  • The plugs will fit in most engines but they are not similar to the original Motorcraft as they advertise.

How To Choose Spark Plugs For High Mileage?

No matter what type of vehicle you own, the quality of the spark plugs influence the performance of the engine. Hence, we have included a checklist that you will help to find a spark plug to cover high mileage.

Materials: Spark plugs can be made of platinum, iridium, copper and silver. The platinum and iridium parts will be durable enough to run through long mileage but they have low thermal conductivity.

On the other hand, the copper and silver plugs have high thermal conductivity with less longevity. However, they are really useful for the instance solution of ignition problems. Moreover, some manufacturers also use double platinum and iridium materials so that the plugs can provide long life service to the engine.

Thread And Hexagon Size: You can know the thread and hex sizes from the owner’s manual but you can also measure them with a Vernier caliper. Generally, the thread size of the plugs are available in 10, 12, 14 and 18 mm.

Whereas there are two common types of hex sizes such as 5/8″ (16mm) and 13/16″. However, they also come in 8mm and one inch sizes.

Spark Gap: The electrodes of the plugs need to be in a correct distance from each other. Normally, the spark plugs used in cars have a gap of 0.6 and 1.8 mm and the bike spark plugs have a gap around 0.6 to 1 mm.

You can check the gap in the owner’s manual but you are also suggested to use a gap gauge to know the right range of the plugs.

Heat Range: The manufacturing companies make the parts on different heat ranges which they indicate by adding various numbers to the plugs. So,the plugs can be addressed as “hot” and “cold”, depending on the range. The hot plugs have higher insulator noses whereas the cold plugs come in smaller insulator noses.

The vehicles that have low rpm engines will require hot plugs to make the heat transfer slower whereas the high rpm engines need cold plugs for the faster ignition system.

Spark Plug Codes: All plugs come with a certain code to provide a short description about the parts. It helps you to know whether the parts are compatible with your vehicle engine or not. For instance, NGK DPR8EA-9 means:

  • D- thread size (12 mm)
  • P- projecting insulator type
  • R- resistor
  • 8- heat range
  • E- reach (¾ inch)
  • A-9- gap (0.9 mm)

How To Replace Spark Plugs?

The process of changing the plugs is more or less the same in all vehicles. In order to replace the parts you will require the following tools:

  • A spark plug socket of 11/16” or 13/16”.
  • A gap gauge.
  • An anti-seize lubricant.
  • A torque wrench.

After collecting the equipment, you can start the process with the given steps:

Step 1: You need to remove the plug wires. To make work easy, you can hold the cap and then release the wires.

Step 2: Now unscrew the plugs with a 11/16” or a 13/16” socket. You should turn the socket in the counterclockwise direction.

Step 3: If your electrodes are already pre-gapped, you can move to the next step. But if they are not gapped, take a gauge and bend the electrodes to get the correct gap. In case of car spark plugs, the distance should be between 0.6 and 1.8 mm. However, the bike spark plugs generally have a gap between 0.6 to 1 mm.

Step 4: Put a bit of anti-seize lubricant on the threads and firmly mount them. If necessary use a torque wrench and tighten the plugs around 14 to 16 ft/lb. In some motor vehicles like trucks and cars, you may need to torque them with a little more effort.

Step 5: You can finish the installation by connecting the wires back to the plugs.

How Can You Know The Spark Plugs Are Faulty?

When the plugs become faulty, the check engine light illuminates. You will also notice the common ignition problems like misfire, hesitation while accelerating, rough idling, poor fuel economy and so on.
How Long The Plugs Last?

The longevity of the plugs depend on the materials that are used while making the parts. For example, the platinum and iridium plugs can sustain to cover 30,000-60,000 miles whereas the copper and silver plugs can usually run from 10,000 to 20,000 miles.

How To Understand The Bad Condition Of The Plugs?

The colors of the plugs indicate their good and bad conditions. For instance, the light gray color of the plugs shows they are in good condition and still functionable. On the other hand, the colors like dark black and bright white indicate that they have gone cold or they are overheated.


Even though spark plugs do have a big difference in terms of creating sparks in motor vehicles, they can work differently to make the automotives run in a high mileage. So, while some parts would be perfect for cars and trucks to have long mileage, others may function well in different bikes, scooters and ATVs.

Whenever you buy the plugs, check their compatibility with your engine. You can use the owner’s manual for this process. Lastly, it is important to install the plugs carefully so that it can function properly.

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