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Best Spark Plug Wires For Ford Ranger – Reviews & Guides w/Charts

Best Ford Ranger Spark Plug Wires

The Ford Ranger is a solid off-roader with a powerful engine, and its towing and hauling capacities are suitable for any type of user. A powerful engine like this requires high-performance spark plug wires which I have listed below.

Heavy-duty engines need wires with lower core resistance, which are more tolerant to engine heat and chemicals and have a higher degree of radio suppression. Carbon fibers and other conductive materials are used to make the core of such spark plug wire. The greater the core’s size, the lower its resistance. A lower resistance gives a more reliable and robust spark, resulting in better fuel combustion.

Keeping all these in mind, this list of the 10 best spark plug wires for rangers is prepared. I have narrowed down your search to only 10 options to choose from. Most importantly you won’t go wrong with any of them!

# Preview Title
AutoPart T ST-6263 8mm Ignition Spark Plug Wire Set, Set of 6, for 2004-2007 Ford Ranger, 2006-2008 Mazda B3000, V6, 3.0L, 182cid
Bodeman – Ignition Spark Plug Wires 8mm (6PC Set) for 1990-1996 Ford Explorer, Ranger, Aerostar V6 4.0L/ for 1991-2000 Mazda B4000, Navajo
Spark Ignition Plug Wire Set fit for 2001-2003 Ford Explorer 2002-2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac 2001-2005 Ford Ranger Mazda B4000 8mm V6 4.0L ST-6114
NGK (52003) RC-FDZ086 Spark Plug Wire Set
NGK (52015) RC-FDZ080 Spark Plug Wire Set
Bodeman – Ignition Spark Plug Wires 8mm (6PC Set) for 2003 Ford Ranger V6 3.0L
Bodeman – Ignition Spark Plug Wires 6mm (8PC Set) for 1998-2000 Ford Ranger & Mazda B3000 – V6 3.0L
DoingAuto D-ST-6112 8mm Complete Ignition Spark Plug 6 Wire Set Fit for Ford Ranger 2001-2002, for Mazda B3000 2002-05
Bodeman – Ignition Spark Plug Wires 7mm (4PC Set) for 2001-2011 Ford Ranger, Mazda B2300 – L4 2.3L
Anytek – 7mm (6PC Set) Ignition Spark Plug Wires for 1995-1997 Ford Ranger, 1996-1997 Aerostar, 1995-1996 Mazda B3000 V6 3.0L

Which Spark Plug Wire Is Best For Your Ford Ranger?

Ford Ranger engines require durable, heat resistant spark plug wires that will provide sufficient amount of ignition spark without burning up or melting due to engine heat. We’ve saved you the work of going through too many products by making a list of the 7 best ignition spark plug wires which will help you find the right one for your engine.

1. AutoPart T ST-6263 8mm Ignition Spark Plug Wire Set, Set of 6, for 2004-2007 Ford Ranger, 2006-2008 Mazda B3000, V6, 3.0L, 182cid

Ignition spark plug wire set by AutoPart T is one of the best replacements for your damaged spark plug wire. The pack is sold as a set of 6 long lasting, thin, adjustable wires that are designed to meet and even exceed OE standards. The wire’s length and diameter facilitate maximum spark delivery and protects the spark plugs from internal damage.

As the wires are covered with durable silicone jackets, they have high resistance to heat and abrasion. This makes the wires sturdy and suitable for long term use. The chances of plug wires melting or the coats melting due to extreme engine heat are close to zero.

The wires feature premium corrosion resistant snap lock terminals. These ensure easy installation and removal. Autopart ignition spark plug wires are engineered to be reliable, sturdy and easy to install or uninstall. They can be your first choice when purchasing new spark plug wires.


  • Easy installation and removal
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Made to meet or exceed OE specifications
  • High resistance to heat and abrasion
  • Terminals are made of corrosion resistant materials
  • It is cost efficient as multiple spark plugs can be purchased in one pack


  • Wires may sometimes break during unpackaging

2. Bodeman – Ignition Spark Plug Wires 8mm (6PC Set) for 1990-1996 Ford Explorer, Ranger, Aerostar V6 4.0L/ for 1991-2000 Mazda B4000, Navajo

If your ranger is a 90s model then Bodeman ignition spark plug wires are the ones to go with. They are made with silicone and polycarbonate. These materials award the products qualities like heat resistance, high electric conductivity while the covers provide superior insulation.

The wire’s water tight seal provides retention and corrosion resistance. The terminals are manufactured with insulator and high dielectric materials which provides safety for usage.

Bodeman Ignition spark plug wires are a set of 6 wires which will act as a direct replacement to your OEM parts. They replace these OE part numbers: 671-6079, F0PZ 12259-J, ZZL0-18-140 of these models: 1990-1996 Ford Ranger (V6 4.0L).


  • Easy to line up and install
  • Heat resistance and high electric conductivity
  • Resistance to corrosion provides long term service
  • 1 year long warranty


  • Works only for 1990-1996 Ford Rangers but not for newer models

3. Spark Ignition Plug Wire Set fit for 2001-2003 Ford Explorer 2002-2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac 2001-2005 Ford Ranger Mazda B4000 8mm V6 4.0L ST-6114

We’ve already had AutoParts T on this list but these wires are for different 2001 to 2005 Ford Rangers. The wires are 8mm in diameter and built for V6 engines. They are designed to meet up to OE specifications and may even exceed them.

The distributor boot and spark plug boot is made out of silicone which is a non-conductor and provides superior insulation to avoid overheating. These wires provide maximum spark while also protecting the spark plug from melting or getting damaged. The product is designed to be easy to install, just take it out of the box and clip it on. But the clip terminal is hard to reach and sometimes the clips may get bent when installing.

AutoParts T offer a limited 1 year long warranty with their purchase. You’ll need to match different compatibility areas before buying to ensure you’re getting the right part.

Spark ignition plug wire by AutoPart T for Ford is compatible with these models: Ford Ranger 2001-2011 V6 4.0l 245cid.


  • 1 year long warranty from the time of purchase
  • Silicone overcoat provides good insulation


  • The clip for attaching the wire may get bent sometimes when clipping on to the terminal.

4. NGK (52003) RC-FDZ086 Spark Plug Wire Set

NGK wires act as a direct replacement for your OEM parts and are designed to perform as well as OE specifications or exceed it.

The wires have magnetic core which provide ultra-low resistance and the silicone jacket can resist high temperatures under the hood up to 482 degrees fahrenheit. The wire’s fiberglass braiding provides dielectric strength and excellent cable tensile strength.

NGK wire set is made utilizing a construction method known as variable pitch wire winding so it can create resistance to radio frequency interference. These wires are numbered for easy installation and guarantee a long term, durable performance.


  • Utilized to be RFI resistant
  • Provides superior firing and saves fuel
  • Provides consistent performance as well as excellent noise suppression
  • The wires are numbered to facilitate easy installation


  • The wires may have some fitment issues so you’ll need to shorten the lengths before usage.

5. NGK (52015) RC-FDZ080 Spark Plug Wire Set

Once again we have NGK on our list with a wire set that replaces your OEM parts. The Ford Ranger models that the NGK (52015) RC-FDZ080 Spark Plug Wire Set is compatible with are: 2002 – 2009: Ford, 2010-2011: Ford, 2001: Ford.

The variable pitch winding of these plug wires provides ultra-low resistance and suppresses EMI/RFI noise suppression. The stainless steel terminal ends are resistant to corrosion and offer tight fit which minimizes vibration and separation. The silicone outer coats can handle high temperature, resist moisture, oil, petrol and cracking due to extreme conditions.

NGK offers a limited lifetime warranty with each purchase so you can rest easy after buying the product.


  • The wires are designed to be of the perfect length to it all engines
  • High quality connectors provide maximum spark
  • The wires are numbered and color coded for easy cylinder identification and installation


  • The wires may sometimes be marked wrong but they are of the proper length so this shouldn’t cause too much confusion

6. Bodeman – Ignition Spark Plug Wires 8mm (6PC Set) for 2003 Ford Ranger V6 3.0L

Bodeman brings you a 6 piece set of 8mm ignition plug coils for your 2003 Ford Rangers. These wires are designed with water-tight seals which makes them resistant to oil/petrol, corrosion and any form of leakage. The terminals are manufactured using dielectric materials to provide high insulation.

The wires are direct replacements for your OEM parts and replaces parts with the number: 671-6261. The outer coat is made of silicone which provides high insulation and keeps the wire core safe. The purchase of these products activates a limited lifetime warranty.


  • The wire cores are protected by strong, insulating silicone
  • The wire terminals are made of stainless steel so they won’t rust or get eroded with long term use


  • Only compatible with 2003 Ford Ranger V6 3.0L

7. DoingAuto D-ST-6112 8mm Complete Ignition Spark Plug 6 Wire Set Fit for Ford Ranger 2001-2002, for Mazda B3000 2002-05

DoingAuto produces ignition spark plug wires designed to replace your OEM parts. These wires are designed to meet OE standards and are ISO certified. The OEM part numbers that these wires replace are: 671-6112, 1F21-18-140, 1U2Z 12259-EA, AJ03-18-100.

These 8mm wires are designed for V6, 3.0L engines but you’ll need to check if it fits with your car before purchase to ensure you have a hasslefree installation. They will fit these car models: Ford 2001-2002 Ranger.


  • A trusted brand and ISO certified product
  • Direct replacement for OEM parts


  • There may be some fitment issues when installing

Which Spark Plug Wire Should I Buy? – Buying Guide

There are a few areas you’ll need to consider when purchasing the right spark plug wire for your Ford Ranger engine. These specifications are:

Conductivity and Resistance

Each spark plug wire has individual core and cover materials which contribute to their conductivity and resistance. Some wires are made of highly conductive material like copper, nickel alloy, stainless steel etc. these materials provide heat and electrical conductivity and stop the wires from melting. Usually copper core wires are better compared to other wires with other material cores.

AutoPart T and Bodeman wires provide high conductivity and minimal resistance.

RFI Suppression

RFI or radio-frequency interference suppression is a feature added to spark plug wires to make sure the spark plug and other parts aren’t damaged by the radio-frequency interference created by the constant running of the engine. These high frequency signals can disrupt your engine’s regular functions and mess up the flow of commands.

NGK (52003) RC-FDZ086 spark plug wire set and NGK (52015) RC-FDZ080 spark plug wire set are both designed with RFI noise suppression.


Spark plug wires need to be compatible with your vehicle, the engine, the spark plugs used and other automobile parts, otherwise you’re not getting a smooth running, happy vehicle.

Spark Ignition Plug Wire Set by AutoParts T is compatible with a large number of vehicle models.

Ease of Installation

Some spark plug wires are designed to be split into multiple wires and fit into multiple spark plugs while some need to be purchased separately. The number of spark plug wires you need depends on the number of spark plugs your engine has. It is better to purchase wires that come with multiple, numbered wires at a time instead of buying each wire separately.

Also some wires can be set up at home, using regular tools but some need to be installed by professionals. You’ll have to take your car to a mechanic to replace the wires. It’s just more convenient to get wires that you can set up by yourself and avoid all the hassle.

AutoParts T and NGK (52003) wires are all numbered for easy identification and fitment.


Overall, there are many factors you need to consider when replacing any of your automobile parts. The point of all these considerations is to make sure you’re purchasing an item that’ll last long, perform splendidly and let you have smooth rides. We hope our efforts help you find a product you can trust and save your product browsing time as well.

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