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Foam Gun Vs Foam Cannon (Which One You Need)


Brand: Chemical Guys
 1.35 pounds
9.09 x 5.51 x 5.39 inches


Brand: Tool Daily
1.21 pounds
8.86 x 5 x 3.62 inches

In some cases, many car owners do not understand the foam gun and a foam cannon main difference. For those who do not know the effectiveness of these two things, we will discuss foam gun vs foam cannon in detail in this article. You can use a foam gun or a foam cannon to manage your car wash successfully.

Professionals use these to reliably manage the washing process of their small or large projects. Basically, you will need a pressure washer to handle this process. If you want to prevent scratches and rotation correctly from your painting, then there is no need to think of any alternative without these.

Let’s head towards the comparison between these two car washers’ kits.

Foam Cannon:Foam Gun:
  • Foam cannon can be used with any soap wash.
  • Foam cannon requires high water pressure to work
  • It creates thick and lubricant-type sud for better cleaning
  • It can spread soap and water evenly on surface
  • Foam cannon requires pressure washer
  • Does deep cleaning flawlessly
  • Capable of cleaning any old and cheeky dirt or stain
  • Foam gun has this one similarity with foam cannon.
  • Foam gun works fine in low water pressure
  • It can’t create thick foam or sud
  • Foam gun spreads the soap or foam unevenly on any surface
  • Compatible with water hose or garden hose
  • Good enough for instant automobile cleaning
  • Not the type for precise washing; moderate washing is preferable

You can also safely rely on a foam gun or a foam cannon to simplify your washing process and handle washing work in a short time.

Foam Gun Vs Foam Cannon

Foam Gun:

Basically, it is a kind of tool that will connect the said sprayer attachment with a hose adapter. Also, the primary purpose of attaching is to attach it to your pressure washer tank. Generally, your pressure washer is not suitable for washing the surface of some dirty areas.

Basically, it is beneficial for you to conduct washing activities in those problematic areas. In this case, these foam guns are not suitable for producing the same type of foam. Therefore, it cannot play an influential role for a heavy or large variety of work.

Foam Cannon:

In general, it is specially made to use the foam cannon through a pressure washer. Basically, a foam cannon has several advantages, which is that it allows you to apply foam quickly up to 1-5 gallons per minute.

Also, it is especially suitable for making thick and rich foam. Feel free to choose this foam cannon if you need maximum coverage.

There are currently approximately five types of electric pressure washers on the market capable of fitting very well. Basically, these are much cheaper than some gas-powered pressure washers.

Since the electrical equipment comes with a cord, you can use it at home if you wish. In particular, use this foam cannon so that you can wash the surface of any of your dirty areas by producing foam quickly and at high speed.

Types of Foam Guns and Foam Cannons

Foam Gun

If you have used a foam gun before, you know how many types of guns are currently available. In this case, only a few designs of foam guns are available in the market. Generally, there are two types of foam guns available in the market, one compatible and the other non-compatible.

The non-adjustable foam gun is suitable for you if you want to reduce the cost. Otherwise, if you’re going to use a better quality foam gun, choose that compatible foam gun. Also, if you can select excellent and various advanced brands of foam guns.

Foam Cannon

In general, most foam cannons will be able to replicate the MTM line. Compatible and non-compatible are the two types of foam cannon. Basically, the foam cannon is a bit different than those foam guns. In this case, the fast connection fittings with the foam cannon can change drastically, especially in the field.

Before you buy a foam cannon, make sure that a quick connection exists with it. Above all, you choose a foam cannon that will be able to fit separately.

Why Use a Foam Gun or Foam Cannon?

Both foam guns and foam cannons are effectively capable of washing your car. These are especially helpful in making your car wash a success. Basically, these will allow you to supply enough soap while washing the vehicle quickly.

In addition, the equipment is useful for sliding dirt directly from your car. In this case, it is a bit difficult for you to apply enough sud just by using wash meat and bucket.

Still, many use the old-fashioned way of filling the bucket with suds. In this case, you can apply soap on the dirty surface of the car in a circular motion. Basically, it will allow you to identify various scratches on the car.

Usually, a kind of vortex mark is made from those small and round scratches. There is a risk of scratches if you only use the washed meat to scrub the washing process. If you apply pressure even after pulling on the car’s surface, you will fail to prevent that scratching.

The Advantage of Using Foam

In most cases, those who work professionally in car detail choose foam guns or foam cannons. Since these tools can effectively remove dirt without any obstruction, professionals rely on it. You will be able to wash the heavy layers of dirt on the surface of your car without touching the paint.

Basically, by creating thick foam, you can prevent rot and scratches, including removing dirt. Remember, that method is the best way to remove dirt. In this case, you only use the washed meat in the second phase to prevent scratch and rotation. Basically, the second time you use that washing meat, you reduce the risk of scratches on your car’s paintings.

How it Works

Basically, these are very easy to use. When you first set up your pressure washer with this tool, it will provide you with effective washing. Next, wash the surface of the car using the water in the bucket.

After conducting your washing process, dry the surface of the car with a dry towel. To set, first, attach the clear suction tube of the brass fitting to the bottom of the barrel. Next, fill the bottle with water and soap of your choice.

In this case, choose a soap that is particularly suitable for your foam cannon. In particular, you can get the densest foam by using Ultra Foam Shampoo. Generally, you are likely to need 3-4 ounces of soap to handle the washing process.

Then, carefully attach the thread to the barrel of the foam cannon. If you want to mix soap and water solution evenly, you need to stir the barrel evenly. At this stage, the foam cannon is fully ready for your use.

Next, start using it to wash the surface of the vehicle thoroughly. In this case, use a suitable spray tip to vigorously conduct the washing process and remove debris with heavy dirt. Also, ensure a safe distance when washing curved surfaces using a pressure washer.

In this case, keep it about 12-16 inches away from your car paint during washing. Next, attach your foam cannon to the tool. Basically, the foam cannon has two flow rates and two adjustable spray patterns.

You can turn the adjustment knot at the top to the right. Next, back the 1/4-turn to the left of the knot. Now, try to rotate the barrel to adjust the vertical metal vans and make sure it has a 1-2 mm spacing.

Change the settings to spray thick foam on your vehicle’s surface and start the foaming process on the vehicle. Next, wait a while for the dirt covers to soften. We advise you to conduct the washing process in sunlight. If your dirty surface is made of ceramic, the soap will not last long on that surface.

Final Thoughts

This foaming process is beneficial for washing your car, driveway, pavement, siding. If you do not clean your vehicle for a long time, the dirt layer will go away. You can’t properly clean the dirt in your area using water or anything else. If you want to wash the surface of your dirty area thoroughly, use a foam gun or foam cannon.

We have already discussed everything above about the foam cannon vs foam gun. Hopefully, with this article, we will solve all kinds of dilemmas about your foam gun and foam cannon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are foam cannons any good?

It provides dense foam and is useful for quick application to your dirty areas’ surface. So professionals feel comfortable using it for their work.

Do you need a pressure washer to use a foam cannon?

If you want to run the washing process vigorously, you must have a pressure washer to use the foam cannon.

Do you scrub after foam cannon?

After the foaming process, you will be able to remove dirt and debris by scrubbing.

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