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10 Best Polishing Compound For Cars [Reviews & Buying Guide]


Chemical Guys GAP_VKIT_16 Polishing Compound

Brand: Chemical Guys
 5.2 pounds
9.41 x 7.99 x 2.28 inches


Meguiar's M6732 Marine One-Step Compound

Brand: Meguiar's
1 pounds
3.74 x 2.56 x 8.86 inches


Meguiar's Exceptional Car Polishing Restores

Brand: Meguiar's
1.13 pounds
 2 x 4 x 9 inches

If you are an owner of a car, you probably know how important it is to maintain this thing. Only regular maintenance can keep your vehicle in good condition.

Apart from internal maintenance, the maintenance of the exterior of your car is also essential. A good exterior is what makes the car eye-catchy, and it sure does feel good to look at your car glossy and shiny.

To maintain the glossiness of the car, polishing is essential. Therefore, we have shared some of the best polishing compounds for cars with you so that you can buy nothing but the best one for yours.

10 Best Polishing Compound for Cars – Reviews

To ease your search for the best car polish, we have reviewed some of the top quality car polish in the market. Here are our favorite polishing compounds that we’re sure you’ll fall in love with.

1. Chemical Guys GAP_VKIT_16 16 fl. oz Polishing Compound – Best Choice

16 V line polish by Chemical Guys is a brilliant car polishing compound that helps your car look as good as new. The kit comes with four items.

If you are unsure of what to use or if you do not have the right compound, this compound is the perfect one for you.

This kit is appropriate for any kind of polishing works that needs to be done. It will get the job done very easily, whether it is removing scratches, or under paint oxidization, or glossy polishing.

Professionals usually prefer this brilliant kit because of its convenience and brilliant performance.

The polish and wax for black cars need to be of good quality since the car needs to be extra glossy. Good news! This kit is also appropriate for black cars. The kit and compounds are of exceptionally high quality, and after using this kit, we can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Now let us look at some of the key features of the product:

Key Feature:

  • Professional finishing
  • Heavy polishing and repairs can easily be handled.
  • Various types of work can be accomplished.
  • Does not have silicone filler
  • Used for dual action

What we liked

  • Comes with four compounds; therefore versatile.
  • Removes heavy scratches.
  • Easily restores the heavy level of paint defects.
  • The result will be visible since it has no fillers.
  • It can be used with rotary.

What we didn’t like

  • Takes more time to work.

2. Meguiar’s M6732 32 oz Marine One-Step Compound – Best Overall

Meguiar is well known for providing the best products to its customers, and the customers are never disappointed with the line of products the company launches. M6732 is just another one of its excellent products.

This compound is excellent at restoring paints and giving a glossy look, which makes your car look fancier. Apart from polishing, the compound is very good at repairing heavy scratches and restoring paint defects. The advanced ingredient works very well, and the work is also very convenient for the user.

It can be used with either hand or machine, resulting in the same result; this makes the work easy for the user as he will not have to use a machine if it is not available. 

Apart from convenient usages, the compound is also compatible with both Fiberglas and gel coated surfaces. It cleans the surfaces and leaves a shine, which makes it look as good as new.

All these works can easily be done in one step, which means the user does not have to do the job individually; the cleaning and polishing can now be done in only one step with the polishing compound. 

Now let us look at some of the key features of this compound.

Key Feature:

  • It can be used with both Fiberglas and gel coated surfaces.
  • Works brilliantly at removing scratches.
  • Restores paint job like magic.
  • Both hand and machine usage function.

What we liked

  • Very convenient to use.
  • The shine lasts long.
  • It can be used with either hand or machine.
  • Removes heavy level scratches.
  • Repairs heavy level paint defects.

What we didn’t like

  • Takes a bit of time to work.

3. Meguiar’s Exceptional Car Polishing Restores – Budget Pick

Cars of deeper color look the best with shine. That is why a mirror glaze product such as this one will be the best polishing compound for black cars. 

As mentioned in the name, this product is best known for being incredibly shiny. If you’re looking for a professional-grade shine at home, this is the one to get. 

You better apply this before your wax coat to get that perfect wet look. However, you can use this as a polish and wax for black cars, as well as cars that are of any deep and rich color to get the best results. 

The versatile compound can be applied by hand, rotary buffer, and cloth as well. Whatever floats your boat! It has been made to work in compliance with your needs and ways. 

This coating can also gently remove all kinds of oxidation, sun damage, scratches, and swirl marks from your car without causing any further damage. You can use the compound on vehicles that need a light to the medium level abrasive polishing compound. 

Remember, you need to wash your car carefully to get rid of any loose dust and dirt. The polishing compound won’t go on as smooth otherwise. 

Key Feature:

  • Mirror glaze finishes perfect for richer and deeper color cars.
  • Can be applied by hand, rotary buffer, or any kind of rubbing tool.
  • Gently removes oxidation, scratches without scratching the paint off of your car.
  • Light to medium abrasiveness for getting rid of tough-to-remove stains.

What we liked

  • Contains detailed instructions on how to use.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Get rid of any kind of stain or scratch.
  • Can be used with any kind of tool.
  • Gives the best shiny finish.

What we didn’t like

  • A car needs to be cleaned thoroughly beforehand. 

4. Griot’s 10862 16oz Complete Compound

If you ask your local mechanic about Griot’s Garage, you’ll hear nothing but good things about the product. This one is a fan favorite polishing compound that has rightfully earned its name and popularity.

The main thing that makes this polish different and so well-loved is the formula. Griot’s Garage formulates its polishing compound quite differently from the other ones in the market.

This unique formula has micro-abrasive compounds in it that slowly take off any dirt and unevenness on your car. The compound is rough on stains and scratches but easy on your car’s paint—no need to worry about chipping your car paint or scratching the surface with these micro-abrasive particles.

If you don’t have any tools to apply your polish, this is just the one for you. Its user-friendliness is one of the things that have helped the product gain popularity. You can just rub the product in with your hands, and you’ll be good to go.

Of course, using the polish with a tool will increase efficiency and give you a more professional outcome.

There are no fillers in the formula, so what you see when polishing is the final result. The finish won’t be different after drying.

Key Feature:

  • Designed to remove scratches, oxidation, and swirls.
  • No filler formula that shows you the final finish.
  • Can be applied with both orbital polisher and hand.
  • No dust; no mess.

What we liked

  • Great for people who don’t like to use orbital polishers.
  • Creates no dust, needs no cleaning afterward. 
  • No filler added, so you get to see the final result. 
  • Great for removing stains and scratches; no matter how old they are.

What we didn’t like

  • Not so great with chipped paint.

5. 3M 05954 32 fl oz Super Duty Rubbing Compound

Have you got oxidation and chalky stains on your car that no polish can remove? We’ve got you covered. This super-duty rubber compound is here to save the day.

3M 05954 is the best car polish for oxidation because of its formula. The compound can stay wet for a long, long time. Not only does this give you more time to work in the compound, but while it sits on the surface wet, it keeps on removing the stains.

The polish slowly seeps into the stains and scratches as it lays wet on the surface; this allows you to wipe it all off to end up with a car surface that is smooth and scratch-free.

No need to worry if you do not own a polishing machine. You can easily apply this polish by hand and get the same results.

A no-dust formula like this one is a dream come true for people who hate mess and cleaning. No-duct formulas are also more manageable and easy to work in.

Doesn’t matter how old the oxidation on your car is; this compound will be able to get rid of it. It can also remove sand scratches that are 1000 or finer.

Key Feature:

  • Formulated for removing oxidation stains.
  • No dust, no powder compound.
  • Stays wet for a long time and breaks into stains and scratches.
  • Can also remove sand scratches that are 1000 or finer.

What we liked

  • Quite beginner-friendly.
  • Machine-like finish even when applied by hand.
  • Seeps into stains and oxidation; you can remove the dirt with just one wipe.
  • Does not dry instantly.

What we didn’t like

  • Contains cancer-causing chemicals.

6. 3M Perfect-It Rubbing Compound

Polishing your car to get rid of the scratches is a chore on its own. Cleaning your car another time to get rid of the stickiness that the polish has left behind is a task that we all want to ditch.

If you want a quick solution to this problem, you can check out the 3M 36060 polish for your car. Getting rid of those nasty scratches on your vehicle will only take a few minutes when you’re working with this polish.

After you’re done polishing, you do not have to worry about any residual film or stickiness on the car’s surface.

This 3M is the best polishing compound for car scratches if you want to get rid of sand abrasions. The formula works great for P1200 scratches or scratches that are even finer. Thanks to this rubbing compound, you can now remove scratches that you didn’t even know were there!

Designed as a smooth-handling compound, this polish will produce no powder when rubbed in; therefore, there is no cleanup necessary afterward. This design also helps give your car a refined finish that no other product can provide you. The finish is shiny and also allows the color of your car to pop.

Key Feature:

  • Designed to remove sand scratches and fine P1200 scratches.
  • No powder production design.
  • Gives your car a refined finish in no time at all.
  • No residue or sticky film left behind.

What we liked

  • Creates no powder or dust.
  • No cleanup necessary after polishing.
  • Can remove scratches that are not visible to the naked eye.
  • Makes the color of your car pop.

What we didn’t like

  • A small bottle costs a lot and won’t last that long.

7. 3M 05973 1 Quart Rubbing Compound

Removing scratches and swirls from the surface of your car through sanding might sound like a nightmare. You might be thinking that sanding will cause more damage than good to the surface of our car. Well, you are wrong there. Sanding works excellent for removing all kinds of stains from your vehicle.

This 3M 05973 has a 12000 grit power. So the particles in this formula will slowly scratch away all kinds of marks and external scratches on your car. The formula works with fine and delicate scratches that slowly remove all types of dirt, swirls, and scratches on your vehicle.

You won’t have to worry about the compound, causing any extra scratches to the paint. It is entirely safe to use.

The high grit power helps you save time—no need to spend hours polishing the car. Just one good rub down, and you’re good to go. Even the toughest stains and scratches can be removed with just one swipe.

We always recommend this polish to beginners because this does not leave any sort of swirls behind. So you might not be a pro at polishing your car, but this compound will always give you professionally; that too at the comfort of your home!

Key Feature:

  • 12000 grit compound scratches stains and swirls away.
  • Adds lustrous shine to the car’s surface.
  • Designed to remove oxidation and stains.
  • Quick, easy, and beginner-friendly formula.

What we liked

  • Removes all kinds of scratches in a few minutes.
  • All stains removed with just one wiping session.
  • 12000 grit compound can remove the toughest of stains.
  • The full-proof formula does not leave behind swirl marks.

What we didn’t like

  • Can be too abrasive for lighter scratches.

8. Mothers 08612 12 oz. Professional Rubbing Compound

Not every car needs the extreme abrasiveness of a 12000 grit rubbing compound. If you have light stains and scratches that you want to get rid of, using compounds that are so abrasive can damage your car even further. You need to see the type of stain you have first to choose the kind of polish.

Mothers 08612 is a polish that is light but works great at removing stains. It does not work with much grit power, making it the best polish for cars that have light staining. 

You can use the polish for removing a lot more than just stains. Use the polish for oxidation, scratches, swirl marks, and even water spots. Any kind of dirt or external compound on your car can be removed with the help of this gentle polish. 

A gentle formulation such as this one is great to have on already existing polishes and clear coats. So, the polish will remove stains and scratches without harming the layer of clear coat underneath.

Mothers Professional rubbing compound is wildly popular for giving professional results at home. Although this costs a little more than the other polishes that we have on our list, it is worth the price. 

Key Feature:

  • A gentle formula that can be used on existing clear coats.
  • Light and not abrasive.
  • Gives professional results at home.
  • Removes stains, oxidation, and scratches.

What we liked

  • Safe to use on all kinds of clear coats, paint, and existing polishes.
  • Removes previous sanding scratches.
  • Professional results without having to pay so much.
  • Comes in a handy 12-ounce bottle.

What we didn’t like

  • Costs a lot.
  • The car might need polishing after using this rubbing compound. 

9. Meguiar’s 16 oz. Clear Coat Safe Rubbing Compound

We would highly recommend this rubbing compound if you’re looking for something efficient yet safe to use. All polishes do not have to have harmful chemicals in them. Some polishes exist that are not so terrible for your health, such as this one!

Besides being so safe to use, the Meguiar’s G18016 is also great at removing stains. Use this to remove old and rusty oxidation, stains, and scratches easily within minutes. The formula gently removes all stains without causing any damage to the surface of your car.

Because the formula is so light and gentle, it is the best polishing compound for a clear coat as well. You can use this on any kind of existing polish, paint, or clear coat and get a professional finish.

If your car has spots that have become dull or are losing color, this polish will help revive that. In a way, this polish helps the color of your car pop even more. So if you have an old car that needs some serious help, Maguire G18016 could help you out!

Clear finish coats such as this one also help to add an irresistible shine. The glossy finish makes your car look brand new and helps mask any hard to remove scratches perfectly.

Key Feature:

  • Ultra-glossy finish clear coat polish, safe for all kinds of car paint.
  • Can be used on clear coats without removing the layer.
  • Great for removing old oxidation stains.
  • Most gentle and safe for health formula.

What we liked

  • Safe for your health.
  • Quite an affordable option.
  • The glossy finish makes your car look brand new.
  • Can be used on existing glossy paint and clear coat.
  • Removes below-surface defects as well.

What we didn’t like

  • Cannot be applied by machine; hand application only.

10. Carfidant Ultimate Ceramic Coating Spray Car Wax

Need a car shine quick and fast? Check out this Carfidant Ceramic spray. The clear shine that it gives your car makes it the best spray wax for white vehicles, leaving you with a detailed shine and professional finish within seconds.

One of the best things about having spray coating car wax is how easy they are to apply. Pouring car wax or polishing compound and then rubbing it in can be quite messy. In contrast, a spray can be a quick and easy solution to that problem.

All you need to do is, spray the polish onto your car’s surface and rub it with a cloth. No machines needed!

You can use this ceramic spray-on headlight, glass, paint, clear coating, pre-existing wax coating, and aluminum glass windows as well. Its versatility is really what makes this the best car polish and wax for all overuse.

The waterless car wash formula allows you to use this compound on a moderately dirty car—no need to get a professional cleaning before spraying this thing on.

With no unnecessary scents, colors, or dyes added to the formula, this mixture has contained only the chemicals you need; this makes the rubbing compound safe for your health.

Key Feature:

  • Spray bottle wax and polish for easy application.
  • Ceramic coating that can be applied to all parts of your car.
  • Waterless car wash formula that does not require pre-cleaning.
  • No unnecessary added dyes or chemicals; safe for everyone to use.

What we liked

  • Easy spray bottle application takes seconds. 
  • Can be put on windows, car paint, and even pre-existing wax coatings.
  • The car does not need to be squeaky clean before polishing. 
  • Safe for everyone to use.

What we didn’t like

  • Gives a light shiny coating; nothing too noticeable.

Things to Consider Before Buying Car Polishing Compound

It is very important to know your requirement before making the purchase, to check if the product matches your needs or not. To make things easier for you, we have prepared some crucial points you should consider before buying.

Type of Polish

First, look at the type of your rubbing compound. Now the question arises, what is the type? By type, we mean the kind of ingredient used to make the compound. The ingredient will determine what type it is, and therefore you can understand better what your car needs and what it does not.

For example, some rubbing compounds are liquid, they are just used to polish the car, and some compound has wax in them, you do not need to spend additional money to apply wax while you use them.

These different types of rubbing compounds also come in different containers. The ones with wax usually come in a container where it will be convenient to use, like cream containers.

Wax rubbing compounds are creamy, and therefore they usually come in paste tubes or cream containers. The liquid ones are flowy; therefore, they come in bottles for convenient usage and avoid spills.


The brand of the polishing compound is also very important. A brand became a brand because they have been providing the customers with quality products; therefore, the brands rise due to the customer’s satisfaction. 

To maintain this satisfaction and reputation, the brand will always give the customer their best and maintain its name in the market. 

A well-branded product signifies good quality, reliability, and excellent performance. Therefore, a rubbing compound from a good brand will serve better than other products in the market.


You might think that a well-branded product is always good, as said earlier in the brand section or the previous point. 

However, well-reputed brands sometimes do come up with low-quality products due to mismanagement or bad decision making. It occurs very rarely, but it does happen. Our objective is to help you select the best one, and therefore this section is also an important point.

Make sure you check the reviews of the product before buying. You can depend on the well-reputed brand, and the possibility of you selecting a lousy product is very low but is not impossible. Therefore even if you choose a renowned brand, check the product with all the points from this article.

Method of Application

There are different types of rubbing polishes in the market; similarly, there are also different methods of applying the polishing on a car. If the application of the polishes is not right, the outcome might not be the same.

Some polishes need additional tools; some need different types of tools. So if you select a polish that needs additional tools, make sure you have the tools, and the price of these tools is also important. 


Finally, the prices of the rubbing compound should be considered. Well branded products are usually a bit costly. However, if you can get the same outcome with a less expensive and non-brand product, the wise decision is to go for it.

Final Thoughts

Looking at your car in good condition is satisfaction within itself, and if the vehicle has an additional shine, it looks gorgeous, as if it has been driven out of the showroom just now. It completely changes people’s perspective on the car. 

That’s why always choose the best polishing compound for cars. A good quality polishing compound from a well-reputed company, like Chemical Guys GAP_VKIT_16 V Line Polish and Compound Kit, will serve you better than the inferior ones. 

We hope the article helped you and gave a clear idea of car polishing compounds. Thanks for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To clarify some confusion, we have answered some of the most common questions about polishing compound for cars.

Which is better? Car wax or car polish?

If you want your car to look shiny or glossy, then waxing is what you should go for. In contrast, polishing will help the car look clean and repair some minor damages.

When should I use a polishing compound?

Polishing is very helpful if you want to remove watermarks from your car’s glasses. If there are some slight scratches, it will help remove them as well. The stains can be easily removed, and some minor rusts can also be removed by polishing compound.

What pads do you use for rubbing compound?

The best pad to use with rubbing compound is a wooden pad; it works better. Oxidization is the most common problem and major problem when it comes to car polishing. Using a wooden pad with a rubbing compound can remove heavy oxidization very easily.

Should I use a rubbing compound or polishing compound?

Rubbing compound is used for uneven surfaces or bumpy surfaces, and the polishing compound is used for smooth surfaces. So, depending on the need, use rubbing or polishing compound accordingly.

Is rubbing compound bad for car paint?

What you need to see is whether your compound is clear coat compatible or not. Suppose it is, then it is OK to use it on minor scratches or on paints where it is becoming rusty. If not, then using it is not advisable.

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