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3 Best Foam Cannon Soap For Mud (2021 Review)


Chemical Guys EQP339 Foam Cannon Mudder

Brand: Chemical Guys
 11.28 pounds
13.8 x 8.5 x 8.2 inches


Chemical Guys CWS20216 Heavy Duty Soap

Brand: Chemical Guys
1 pounds
9.3 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches


Chemical Guys CWS 20264 Tough Mud & Soap

Brand: Meguiar's
4.5 pounds
9.06 x 5.35 x 3.78 inches

When you love to travel off-road with mud and dirt. It is a hazard after returning home about cleaning. However, the Hand-Wash of a complete car, especially with mud, is time-consuming and distressful.

In this situation, you can choose foam cannon for washing thoroughly. It would be best to consider it tricky when you decide the best foam cannon soap for mud.

Similarly, the maximum cleansing agent in the Market is a shampoo that can’t provide thick suds. So you can purchase Chemical Guys EQP339 foam cannon for thick suds with efficient cleaning.

3 Best Foam Cannon Soap for Mud – 2021 Reviews

I review here 3 best foam cannon soap review. For instance, I used and tested lots of foam cannon soap, but few of them are providing the best results. So I pick them for review here. So check the full review and select the perfect one.

1. Chemical Guys EQP339 Foam Cannon Soap & Mudder – Editor’s Choice

The most popular Chemical guys are the car and vehicle cleaning industry leaders. Chemical guys EQP339 is designed for working with any professional gas or electric pressure washer with high PSI.

However, it can work efficiently within 800-3500 PSI pressure. It has a unique thread lock design with an airtight seal that can ensure maximum foam output.

This foam cannon can provide swirl and scratch-free shine. You can use this foam cannon for any rough dirt particle inlaid with lubricants. Above all, every wipe of this foam cannon will show you shine like a miracle by preventing and remove all dirt.

After that, this foam cannon can fire all the smallest cracks and kinks. It is TORQ professional foam made of heavy-duty products with the highest durability.

Key Feature:

Adjustable- Adjustable with gas or electric pressure washer.

Pressure Capacity- It can take 800 to 3500 PSI.

Design- Thread lock design so foam output is maximum.

Additives- Surface-release additives so easy to clean mud, dirt, and filth.

What we liked

  • Usable with all pressure washer.
  • Higher pressure capacity.
  • Foam output is maximum.
  • High strength washes soap for the multi-vehicle.
  • Easier cleaning process.

What we didn’t like

  • Need Teflon tape for perfect fittings.

2. Chemical Guys CWS20216 Heavy Duty Tough Mudder Wash Soap – Budget Pick

Suppose you are an extreme off-road travel enthusiast and love to have lots of fun with bush and jumps. Therefore, Mud and sand made you fun, but it is an eyesore when you back to driveways. Chemical Guys CWS 20216 has vital surface release additives.

After that, Strong additives can remove all types of mud, dirt, and filth by an easy cleaning process. You can use this soap to wash ATV, dune buggies, dirt, and quad bikes. 

You may have some worriedness about paintwork, metal, plastic engine cleaning soap. So, don’t worry, chemical guys 20216 is entirely safe to use the mentioned material cleaning. After that, this soap is made with PH balanced formula, so it doesn’t strip any sealant or wax coatings.

Key Feature:

Multi-Use- It is usable for dirt and quad bikes with ATV, mudder trucks, and dune buggies.

Versatile- You can use it bucket wash and high-pressure foam gun versatile.

pH Balance- Made by pH balanced formula.

Safe Use- It is very safe to use on any type of paintwork, metal or plastic

What we liked

  • Usable for multi-vehicle.
  • A different formula may have applied for wash.
  • pH balanced, so no worry about strip wax or sealant.
  • Easier cleaning process.

What we didn’t like

Sometimes it can’t show perfect gloss.

3. Chemical Guys CWS 20264 Tough Mud Heavy Duty Soap – Also Great

Chemical Guys CWS 20264 is the strong wash soap in the Market for clean trucks, off-road vehicles, and ATV. It can pull off all types of dirt, grease, grime. It has a surface release additive for cleaning a wide range of dirt.

In addition, P-H balance formula helps to clean without effect wax and sealant. This soap can naturally enhance gloss shine in the exterior of any off-road vehicle.

Key Feature:

Easy Clean- Easier cleaning process for filth and dirt.

Vehicle- It can be used for clean multi-vehicle.

Safe- It is entirely safe to use on all types of artwork.

Wax Protected- No need to worry about strip Wax or sealant.

What we liked

  • Surface release additives can easily clean the process.
  • Multi-purpose use for the vehicle.
  • Safe for use on a different surface.
  • Versatile wash formula.
  • pH-balanced formula.

What we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t brighter as expected.

Things to Consider When Choose Foam Cannon Soap for Mud

Lots of considerations keep in mind when you choose a foam cannon soap for mud. For instance, I discuss here a few from them. Check everything and pick the best one you need.

Soap Designed

Foam Cannon and foam guns are entirely different. Therefore, Foam cannon produces thicker soap when guns have less dense soap. Thicker foam is beneficial for pre-wash and first wash.

Many multi-purpose cleansing agents in the market can’t make proper foam for cleaning correctly. In addition, keeping in mind the quality and volume of foam is essential because it will soak dirt grime to remove them.

Cleaning Power

You may have noticed all cleansing agents comes with advance and cutting edge formula. However, they have no difference, actually. All are basically as a shampoo with a chemical agent for enhancing cleaning ability. After that, when you choose a cleaning agent for mud, you can select any deep cleaning agents to remove all dirt, mud, and grime types.

pH Level

pH level is the essential thing for choosing foam cannon soap. If you choose lousy pH level cleaning agents, it can be harmful to your vehicle. In the pH level, 0 is acidic, and 14 is the highest level of alkaline.

Cleaning agents of the car are a completely neutral solution, so you should choose 7.0 pH level agents. Acidic or alkaline pH level agents can damage your car sealant and wax, even the car’s body plastic. I don’t find the exact 7.0 pH level agents in the Market, so you should be finding closer from this pH level.

Final Thoughts

If you have a pressure washer, it can great combination with foam cannon. You can have attached foam cannon with a pressure washer and will get thick suds for cleaning. In conclusion, I reviewed the top 3 foam cannon soap for mud that can produce thick suds for cleaning any type of mud and dirt.

Especially I mentioned Chemical Guys EQP339 foam cannon that is recommended for any dirt, grime, or mud. After that, check pH level and everything before purchase the right foam cannon. Remember that, Market is full of shampoo cleaning agents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best soap to use in a foam cannon?

Lots of market leader cleaning soap company in the Market. After that, a powerful, simple spray can clean all grime, dirt, mud, and all harmful contaminants of your car.

How much soap should I put in my foam cannon?

Should fill with hot water after open fluid tank of foam cannon. Just mix 1-3-ounce car wash soap and close fluid tank with foam cannon unit.

What pH level should I choose for foam cannon?

I suggest 7 pH level of foam cannon. However, if you can’t find an exact 7 pH level, you should select closer to 7 ph.

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