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8 Best Foam Cannon For Electric Pressure Washer

The surface of your car gets dirty due to daily dust and sand. If you do not clean the car’s dirty surface for a few days, dirt will form. Unclean environment affects your personality. So, everyone knows that it is imperative to keep the car clean and tidy. In this case, the importance of foam cannon for cleaning the car is immense.

In this case, we recommend from research that the best product is Twinkle Star Foam Cannon 1 L Bottle Snow Foam Lance. Here we will also describe the 8 best foam cannons for electric pressure washers so that you can wash your car very easily and perfectly.

8 Best Foam Cannon for Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

1. Twinkle Star 1 L Bottle Foam Cannon – Editor’s Choice

The Twinkle Star Foam Cannon electric pressure washer is made with an adjustable foam lens. This electric pressure washer provides a 1/4 quick connection fitting and foam cannon. Also, the pressure washer has 5 nozzle tips that provide foam for powerful cleaning.

With the adjustable jet stream nozzle of this washer, you will adjust the wide fan pattern. Since all the connectors in the washer are made with high-quality brushes, it can provide strong foam. Using it, you will be able to do light, medium, and large project tasks. This washer is handy for cleaning the exterior of your car.

Key Feature:

Easy to use- It is especially suitable for strongly cleaning cars, windows, driveways, roofs, siding, etc.

20 FT Thick Foam Production- Mix 6 oz. soap with warm water to make a thick foam.

Strength- From the compatible nozzle jet stream, it will adjust the jet pattern to that wide fan type.

Efficiency- Provides power up to a maximum of 1000 PSI. It requires a pressure washer to use.

What we liked

  • Able to do light, medium and large types of work.
  • This is a compatible foam cannon.
  • Provides strong foam.
  • Effective and suitable for long-term use.

What we didn’t like

  • Can’t clean effectively.

2. TriNova Car Wash Soap Foam Cannon Kit – Best Overall

Basically, it’s made to deliver foam strongly to your car. By adjusting its nozzle, you can get narrow or wide steam. If you want to make foam in a short time, use air intake knots.

Next, apply the foam to the surface you need by clicking on the trigger of the washer. Also, adjust its knock to create a layer of foam to your liking and then spray. The hose that comes with this cleaner removes dirt quickly and automatically. Soak your car in Mount Suds for the best results. This method loosens all kinds of bugs, dirt, sap, dust, etc., from the surface of your car.

This foam cannon is especially suitable for car cleaning. Also, be able to clean around your home and other dirty areas, including sidewalks. It is compatible with any PSI sprayer, so there is no hassle. The foam cannon has a nozzle adapter connector that can fit all air cleaner tools. It is capable of providing high performance.

Key Feature:

Easy to use- Fill the reservoir bottle with an adequate amount of soap and water. Next, run the cleaning process by clicking the trigger of the said pressure washer.

Great for a car wash- To get good results, first wet the car, then remove all kinds of dust-sand, bugs, wrinkles, etc.

Prevent cracks- Eliminate all types of cracks through the extra-wide neck. Use it to clean other areas, including car washes.

Quality- Made of high-quality material so able to provide high performance.

What we liked

  • Able to remove dirt automatically.
  • Able to ensure maximum cleanliness.
  • Provides strong foam.
  • Adjustable foam canon.

What we didn’t like

  • The line on the back of the bottle cannot determine the size of the chemical.

3. Tool Daily Car Wash 1.1mm Pressure Washer Foam Cannon – Also Great

You will be able to clean your car perfectly using this tool Daily Pressure Washer Foam Cannon. It has separate functional rectal nozzles for container bottles and foam blasters. Also, it has an extra-wide neck to prevent all kinds of cracks, which is very effective.

Next, specify the 1/4 “quick connection plug by attaching it to the pressure washer. This pressure washer foam cannon provides power from 1000 PSI to 3600 psi. It is ideal for cleaning any of your vehicles and washing driveways, siding, floors, windows, etc.

Key Feature:

Tips- Attach extra nozzles for high performance.

Strength- Able to apply pressure up to a maximum of 1000-3600 psi.

Applications- Especially effective for washing motorcycles, cars, driveway, siding, windows, floor, etc.

Easy to install- Mix the amount of hot water and soap in the bottle to install.

What we liked

  • Strong and long-lasting.
  • There is a functional rectal nostril.
  • Able to clean perfectly.
  • Provides dense foam.

What we didn’t like

  • Cannot easily form a thick foam.

4. Blisstime Car Wash Pressure Washer Snow Foam Gun

Use the Blisstime Snow Foam Lance Car Wash Pressure Washer if you want to clean your car vigorously by creating thick and fine foam. Using this efficient car cleaning foam pressure washer, you will be able to wash your car stain-dirt in a few minutes.

Make sure the PSI pressure is above 1000 when you work. Since the connectors of the washer are made with a premium brush, it is more powerful.

Also, the bottle in this foam pressure washer is made of high-quality material. Therefore, it can provide very dense foam and is long-lasting as it cannot be easily cracked. Since the bottle is transparent, it will be convenient for you to see its quantity while working. 

It is fully adjustable so that it can adjust the volume precisely. Also, it is beneficial for adjusting the size of the jet angle foam output. This foam pressure washer can easily adjust the narrow flow from the wide fan.

Key Feature:

Deep Cleaning- Remove stubborn stains in a few minutes by creating thick and fine foam.

Durable- Its connectors are made with a premium brush; it is extreme and durable, so it cannot be easily cracked.

Adjustable- This foam cannon adjusts the volume of the output and has the ability to flow very smoothly from the wide fan.

Applications- Since it has 1/4 quick connection fitting, it can meet all types of surface cleaning requirements.

What we liked

  • Cleans perfectly in a short time.
  • The bottle is made with high-quality ingredients.
  • It does not crack easily.
  • It is completely compatible.

What we didn’t like

  • The nozzle does not fit with the pressure washer.

5. Twinkle Star Pressure Washer Gun Snow Foam Lance Cannon

This adjustable Twinkle Star Car Wash Soap Foam Cannon Pressure Washer Gun is capable of creating dense foam according to your needs. Generally, other foam cannons have plastic threaded bottles but it has a high-quality brass neck.

Also, there is a mark on the side of the foam cannon bottle so that you can quickly and easily add the right amount of soap or any chemical. This foam cannon is adjustable so that you will adjust the vertical height of the jet foam spray through its nozzle. Basically, the knot at the top helps you adjust the amount of water to the soap ratio.

It can increase and decrease the thickness of your foam spray. This foam cannon provides power up to a maximum of 4350 psi. Using that foam cannon, you will be able to clean driveways, cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, etc. Also, it is very effective for cleaning roofs, windows etc.

Key Feature:

  • Brass Threaded Bottle: Made with brass threads so you can use it for a long time.
  • Spray Mechanism: Evenly Spray every inch with high precision to wash any of your dirty areas.
  • Heavy-duty brass material: Especially suitable for high-quality professional work.
  • Compatible with foam: Its nozzle can adjust the vertical height of the foam spray.

What we liked

  • 5 nozzle tips included in the package
  • Adjustable foam thickness and water supply
  • Heavy duty brass neck that prevents leakage
  • Adjustable nozzle allows suitable jet pattern
  • Safety-lock handle ensures zero mishaps

What we didn’t like

  • Can not fit with garden hose or water hose

6. McKillans Professional Lance Foam Cannon Pressure Washer

Thick foam helps make your car paint shiny; make a thick foam by mixing soap with water. In this case, the mixture loosens all kinds of dirt from your car’s paint. It also adds oil to your excess surfaces, which helps to deeply and perfectly prevent your car’s vortex stains.

This foam cannon pressure washer has a high-quality brush so that the connectors can withstand high pressure. Usually, the foam cannon bottle is made of strong plastic, so it is transparent to look at. Since it is transparent to look at, you can see how many chemicals there are while working. If it needs to be adjusted, adjust the output amount through the control knob at the foam cannon’s top.

In this case, you can change the foam flow’s width and have the opportunity to adjust the thickness of the foam to your liking if you wish. An electric or gas-powered pressure washer provides both a dense foam output.

Key Feature:

Superior Clearing- Makes thick foam and perfectly shines the car paint. Adds a kind of lubrication so that it strongly prevents vortex spots.

Compatibility- Adjust the output of the foam at your convenience through the control knob at the top.

Application- Made with copper and brass fittings, so apply for cleaning all types of vehicles, driveways, around the house, etc.

What we liked

  • The bottle is transparent, so it is understandable how much chemical there is.
  • Able to create a dense foam.
  • Strong and effective.

What we didn’t like

  • The bottles are made of soft plastic, so it is breakable.

7. Professional Foam Gun for Pressure Washer

Suppose you want to thoroughly clean the top surface of all your vehicles or other things, then this Professional Foam Lance Adjustable with 32 oz. Use the bottle. Please apply to the surface of your dirty things to prove its effectiveness. Then, in a few minutes, you will be able to bring back the shiny look of that thing.

Basically, to make your job easier, it comes with a 1/4 “plug, M22, tube, and bottle that ensures high performance. Also, the foam cannon delivers power up to a maximum of 1100-5000 psi. Reaches and can deliver good results. This foam cannon can measure 1.25mm, so you can run clean activities vigorously.

Key Feature:

Accessories- It comes with a 1/4 plug, M22, tube, and bottle for convenience.

Power- Applies power up to a maximum of 1100-5000 PSI.

Temperature- Provides temperatures up to a maximum of 153 degrees Fahrenheit.

Capacity- The foam cannon is capable of measuring water flow up to 1.25 mm.

What we liked

  • Cleans any dirty surface.
  • Provides temperatures up to 153 degrees.
  • Provides high performance.
  • Able to clean quickly.

What we didn’t like

  • Soap becomes a scam as it gets older.

8. DUSICHIN DUS-003 Car Detailing Pressure Washer Foam Cannon

This DUSICHIN DUS-003 Foam Cannon is especially suitable for effectively cleaning all dirty areas, including your car. This foam cannon generates power up to a maximum of 3000 psi. The foam cannon is made of brass fittings, so it is durable and suitable for long use. The foam can have adjustable snow foam lenses that help you clean the car perfectly.

In general, you will be able to do heavy-duty work using it in addition to your light or medium type of work. Professionally you can get good results by using this foam cannon. Since it can deeply clean your car and many other things, we recommend using this foam cannon.

Key Feature:

Power- Generates power up to a maximum of 3000 psi, capable of supplying high-pressure water.

Efficacy- Adjustable for cleaning cars and other dirty surfaces. It has snow foam lenses.

Applications- In addition to the car wash, it is ideal for cleaning any dirty surface.

What we liked

  • Able to effectively clean dirty areas.
  • Made with brass fittings so suitable for long time use.
  • Suitable for light, medium and heavy projects.
  • Makes thick foam.

What we didn’t like

  • Can’t clean perfectly after a while.

Foam Cannon for Electric Pressure Washer Buying Guide

Below I will discuss all the things you should consider when buying a foam cannon.


This is not difficult; just make a mixture with water and shampoo in the foam cannon. If you want to use your foam cannon in heavy projects, you definitely need a more powerful model. If you want to use it for a single-vehicle every day, choose a foam cannon with a capacity of 1L.

Water output

How much foam a foam cannon can supply largely depends on the output or flow. In this case, most foam cannons can provide a power supply to adjust the flow rate in flight. Ensure adequate water output if you want to clean vehicles or anything using foam cannons.


This is the most important thing when buying a foam cannon for your electric pressure washer. Since a connector is essential and sensitive, you must pay attention to it before buying. Brass connectors for a foam cannon are of the highest quality and best. 

We advise you not to buy plastic connectors. Refrain from buying such plastic equipment. Basically, a connector makes your job easier and helps create the best foam. Also, this desired connector helps to ensure spray and flow.


Before buying a foam cannon:

  1. Be sure about its durability. The complete process of replacement is very costly, so no way to replace it after a single use.
  2. So, make sure that the model of foam cannon you buy is durable enough.
  3. Remember, foam cannons made of hard brass and stainless steel nozzles help you get longer service.

Adjustable settings

The importance of adjustable settings for attaching foam cannon to any pressure washer is immense. Basically, it works great for keeping your foam guns under control. In general, almost all users choose to clean their cars.

Also, it will be able to clean specific areas with foam and water powerfully. Adjust the water and foam ratio at your convenience through these adjustable settings.

Bottle size

Decide on the bottle’s size when buying, do not choose something that will not meet your needs. If you clean the car using regular shampoo, then small or medium-sized bottles are enough to meet your needs. 

Conversely, if you work on large projects or clean multiple cars using any cleaner professionally, then a large transparent bottle is best for you. Note that you will have the opportunity to refill while working using a large adjustable spray bottle.

Final Thoughts

Above all, to get good results, you and choose a foam cannon that provides high performance. For your convenience, we have already discussed the above 8 best foam cannons for electric pressure washers.

Also, if you want to be sure about the foam canon before buying, choose the Twinkle Star Foam Cannon 1 L Bottle Snow Foam Lance. Hopefully, you will choose from the above foam canons according to your type of work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does a foam cannon need a pressure washer?

The foam cannon simplifies its own intense foaming operation without the need for a pressure washer.

Why is my foam cannon not working?

In most cases, the foam cannon does not clean after use, leaving its nozzle thick, so it does not work properly.

Is a foam cannon worth it?

Yes, it is definitely worth it if you always want to keep your car clean and shiny.

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