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6 Best Car Wash Soap For Foam Cannon & Gun

If your new or beautiful car gets dirty, it doesn’t look pleasant. Usually, dust-sand takes away the beauty of your car. So if you want to market the brightness and beauty of your car, then learn the details about the 6 best car wash soap for foam cannon. Basically, you can wash dust, dirt, grime, etc., with a washing soap. 

In this case, this article will help you if you have no experience with washing soap. In order to get rid of all your dilemmas, we need to give you this Chemical Guys CWS_402_16. I would like and recommend using Pink Super Suds Car Wash Soap for washing car.

6 Best Car Wash Soap for Foam Cannon Reviews

1. Chemical Guys CWS_402_16 Foaming Car Wash Soap, Works with Foam Cannons or Foam Guns

To maintain your car’s sealant level, this Mr. Use Pink Super Suds Car Wash Soap, and Shampoo. This is especially effective in protecting your car from UV rays, water stains, and pollution.

Basically, this cleaner is useful for removing all kinds of dirt and dust from your car. Choose this powerful cleaner to wash the exterior surface of your car. 

Just 1 ounce with 2 gallons of water for best results. Mix pink. Then, apply this effective cleanser to any dirty surface. Its advanced super polymers ensure the safety of your car, truck, motorcycle, etc. Also, for all your types of vehicles.  

Key Feature:

Maintenance- Perfect for washing car that needs weekly maintenance.

Use- It is usable for two bucket wash and also for foam gun.

pH level- pH level is neutral than others.

Scratch Free- Attached extra slick, and it will provide scratch-free washing.

What we liked

  • To maintain the sealant level.
  • Ready to remove all types of stains.
  • This is a powerful cleaner.
  • Ensures safety of all vehicles.

What we didn’t like

  • It is very expensive.

2. Chemical Guys CWS_110 Foam Car Wash Soap Works with Foam Cannons or Foam Guns

This Chemical Guys CWS_110 Foam Car Wash Soap is made to wash tiny dirt. Basically, it creates bubbles and cleans your dirty surfaces harshly. Apply to areas you need by making the mixture in a bucket.

In this case, with the help of foam guns, foam lenses, foam washers will be able to create the densest foam. Next, apply the foam coverage to the areas you need by maximizing it. 

This foaming is perfect for washing your car’s dirt and waxed sealed surfaces. Basically, the pH-neutral formula it contains can remove dirt and zigzag colors from the surface. This effective icing soap makes foam entirely on your dirty surface.

In general, it is suitable for cleaning the surface of any vehicle, including paint, rubber, vinyl, glass, and plastic. Also, with this washing soap, you can safely run the said cleaning process. 

Key Feature: 

Cleaning Power- Snow foam can remove dirt, grime, and all harmful contaminants.

Safe- Safe on use of any type of vehicle surface, even artwork.

pH Level- Neutral pH formula that harmful free.

Wax Protection- It doesn’t remove wax and sealant.

Smell- It provides a fresh and natural scent after washing.

What we liked

  • Able to clean strictly. 
  • Makes the densest foam. 
  • Able to maximize foam coverage. 
  • Forms foam on dirty surfaces. 

What we didn’t like

  • Not suitable for long-term use.

3. Meguiar’s G17701 Ultimate Wash & Wax, 1 Gallon

Use Meguiar’s G17701 Ultimate Wash & Wax if you want to keep your car clean and bright at all times. Basically, it helps keep your car clean as well as safe. The premium carnauba wax and synthetic polymer in this cleaner do not harm your car. This is very effective in ensuring the safety of your vehicle.

Also, its superior sudsing action makes your car shine intensely. It can remove dirt from your car safely. This cleaner is suitable and compatible with all car surfaces.

Key Feature:

Safe Use- It has carnauba wax with synthetic polymer for wax protection.

Shine- After washing the car, it provides extra shining.

Single Step Clean- You can clean it with a single Step.

Paint Prevent- Clean and shine paint without any harm.

Versatile Use- You can use it with all Meguiar’s wash products.

What we liked

  • Retains the brightness of the car. 
  • Ensures the safety of your vehicle. 
  • It is appropriate and consistent. 
  • Able to remove dirt safely. 

What we didn’t like

  • Not as effective as expected.

4. Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo (16 fl. oz) for Snow Foam Cannon or Foam Gun

Use this reliable Adam’s Car Shampoo 16oz – pH Best Car Wash Soap to take care of your car. Since it is made in art chemical technology, it can wash your car entirely.

Especially useful for removing all kinds of harmful minerals. You can also use it for weekly maintenance if you want to keep your car clean. In particular, its importance in reducing coat damage is immense. 

Since it is made from a combination of cleaner and polymer, it provides you with a workable solution. It can provide you with thick foam during the washing process.

If you want to eliminate environmental pollution by removing dirt and wrinkles, choose the washing soap. This Shampoo will clean the spot of your car correctly. Basically, this Shampoo does not cut off your existing wax, sealant, ceramic coatings. 

Key Feature:

pH Balance- Perfect neutral pH soap

Safe Wash- State Art chemical technology proven so wholly safe.

Slick Feel- Provide a smooth feel after washing.

Multiple Use- Paint or Rubber everywhere you can use.

Advance Formula- Advance cleaner and polymer formulated.

What we liked

  • Very reliable in car care. 
  • Removes all harmful minerals.
  • Provides dense foam.
  • Does not pollute the environment.

What we didn’t like

  • Water stains are noticeable on the windshield after washing.

5. Adam’s pH Best Car Wash Shampoo (Gallon) for Foam Cannon & Foam Gun

With this Adam’s Soap, you will be able to maintain your car effectively. It is made through art chemical technology so wash your car in sunlight.

Also, you will be able to remove all harmful contaminants using this washing soap. In general, if you use it to wash a new car, you will be able to pass it in a concise time. 

In particular, it is suitable for rubber, modular, windows, and plastic projects. It dries very quickly after use and spreads fragrance on the car. Using this washing shampoo will protect your car’s existing wax, sealants, or ceramic coatings. Able to effectively clean wheels and tires.

Key Feature: 

Maintenance- It is perfect for cleaning weekly maintenance methods.

Safe Clear Coat– It doesn’t affect a clear coat.

Thick Suds- Provides thick suds for maximum cleaning efficiency.

Cleaning Power- Remove dirt, grime, mud even lubricant.

What we liked

  • Made through art chemical technology. 
  • Able to remove harmful minerals. 
  • Provides protection to dirty surfaces. 
  • Effectively cleans wheels and tires. 

What we didn’t like

  • Water stains are noticeable after washing.

6. Adam’s Ultra Foam Shampoo Gallon

This Adam’s Ultra Foam Car Shampoo is perfect for foaming any car. Use this effective washing shampoo to remove scratches from your car. Able to provide maximum interest on your vehicle.

Since it is an advanced chemical, you can use it to wash your car regularly. Also, it provides a high foaming capacity. Especially useful for providing you with thick foam throughout the washing time. 

This Shampoo can provide a pH neutral formula to make your washing process more comfortable. Also, since it contains polymer-based chemical technology, it can create a thin layer perfectly for protection.

In this case, it can remove dirt by lubricating all your paint surfaces. In general, this washing soap helps reduce the removal of your car coat. Use in sunlight if you want to get good results. 

Key Feature: 

Maximum Clean- By providing a massive amount of thick suds, it can give an ultimate cleaning experience.

Advance Method- Use an advanced chemical method to clean 4X than another car shampoo.

Wax Protected- It doesn’t affect wax or sealant.

pH Formula- Complete neutral pH formula for safe use.

What we liked

  • Successfully remove scratches. 
  • It perfectly creates a thin layer. 
  • It is a high-quality chemical. 
  • Removes dirt by lubricating. 

What we didn’t like

  • It cannot supply energy as expected.

Can you use the same car wash soap for foam cannon and foam gun?

Even though foam cannons function differently than foam guns, they can operate with any type of soap wash. Both foam guns and foam cannons are used in car washing and are similar looking.

So, where the difference lies? Should you use a foam gun to wash your car? Or should you use a foam cannon to wash your car? While you decide on that let me assure you, you can use any soap wash with them.

The key differences are in their performances. Each has some special features that help users to do the washing precisely.

Regardless of the differences in their features any soap wash can be used with foam cannon or foam gun.

To sum up, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of soap wash with your existing car washing kit. But you can think before choosing the machine to use. Foam cannons are better for cleaning cars but foam guns can also get the job done. But if you own a car and look forward to maintaining it regularly, for the ease of use I would recommend you to get a foam cannon setup.

Things to Consider When Choosing Car Wash Soap for Foam Gun & Cannon

 It is always tricky to find the right product based on your needs. I am discussing here what car wash soap is perfect for you. What things should you check before buying car wash soap.


If you want to use it for a long time, then pay attention to that wash soap. In this case, choose a low-pressure washing soap to work for a long time and not tire your arm. Conversely, use a high-pressure washing soap if you want to do more in less time. 


There are some products available in the market that will be able to shift from water by clicking. In this case, some washing soap/shampoo is dialing in to control it. If you want to get all these powers, then use the washing soap suitable for your work. In general, garden hoses are compatible with that foam gun. 

Added pH level

If you want to use that washing soap in the long run, keep an eye on the pH levels. In this case, make sure that the essential washing soaps have a mixture of pH levels. Next, if it does not have pH levels, try to avoid it. 


Its filters are essential so check it out before you buy since this filter can remove unnecessary particles from those mixtures. Basically, try to buy the washing soap that has a double filter at the time of purchase. 


The quality of washing soap for car wash depends on your budget. In this case, buyers are often concerned about the budget. Basically, manufacturers set prices based on the filter and compatibility of washing soap.

Before you buy, make sure you like the features and make them compatible with your lightning. Above all, consider the benefits of this washing soap and its price according to your budget.

Final Thoughts 

Washing soap is an effective and high-performance provider, which is very important to choose. Considering your convenience, we already have the top 6 best car wash soap for foam cannon discussed. Since there are variant washing soaps available in the market but you should choose as you need.

In addition, Chemical Guys useful for car washing CWS_402_16 Mr. Use Pink Super Suds Car Wash Soap. This is an advanced quality washing soap.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use regular car wash soap in a foam gun?

Yes, you can use it regularly, but I recommend using it weekly to remove all kinds of dirt from your car.

Is foam wash suitable for a car?

Washing is imperative if you want to keep the surface of your car clean at all times.

Does foaming hand soap kill germs?

Yes, if you want to clean the germs very thoroughly, use a moderate amount of soap.

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