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10 Best Car Polish And Wax For Black Cars [2021 Reviews]


CarGuys Hybrid Car Polishing Sealant

 1.5 pounds
9 x 5 x 3.25 inches


Turtle Wax 50834 Wax with Microfiber Towel

Brand: Turtle Wax
4 pounds
12.09 x 9.61 x 4.29 inches


Meguiar's M2616 Hi-Tech Yellow Wax

Brand: Meguiar's
8 ounces
 2 x 4 x 9 inches

Classy, elegant, and distinct purveyors of its owner’s taste, the timeless appeal of a black car is undeniable.

But if you own a black car, then you already know that preserving its pristine quality takes significant time and effort. Beyond washing, you must also enhance the black paint with the right products.

Black cars are notorious for showing dents, scratches, and marring more easily than others. That is why you need the best car polish and wax for black cars. You can choose to use a regular wax, but it won’t yield as high a shine or offer as much protection as the one which is specially formulated for a black car.

So here are the best ones for you to choose from!

10 Best Car Polish and Wax for Black Cars – 2021 Reviews

A variety of waxes and polishes exist on the market. Hopefully, our reviews below will allow you to choose one more easily!

1. CarGuys Hybrid Car Polishing Sealant – Best Polish For Black Cars

CarGuys hybrid wax is arguably one of our favourites to protect your car’s paint job. As the name suggests, the formulation of this particular wax is unique. 

The formulation combines aspects of both carnauba and synthetic waxes—making it efficient not only as car wax but a polish and sealant as well, depending on your needs. Furthermore, it’s also compatible with a variety of surfaces!

So, how did this come about? Well, what sets CarGuys apart from most other brands in the research they put into their products. This one, in particular, stands out due to its non-streak formula, which prevents that dreaded white residue you’ll sometimes find on your cleaning implements during the waxing process.

Because this is a spray, you will also have a relatively easier time applying it to your car; this is helped by an adjustable nozzle and an ergonomically designed handle that we absolutely love. And the best part is that you’ll be done waxing your entire car in no more than 15 minutes!

Key Feature:

  • Can be used as a sealant, polish, or wax.
  • Comes in spray form in an ergonomically designed bottle.
  • Offers a streak-free experience, thanks to advanced formula.

What we liked

  • Hybrid formula makes it a versatile product.
  • Gives your vehicle a protective layer that guards against harmful externalities.
  • Offers a deep black finish for a satisfying colour finish.
  • Takes as little as 15 minutes to get the job done.

What we didn’t like

  • Does not offer the highest gloss.

2. Turtle Wax 50834 1-Step Wax with Microfiber Towel – Budget Pick

Maybe not all of your cars are black, and maybe you can’t afford to spend on a separate wax for each of your cars.

If that sounds like you, meaning, if you’re looking for an efficient wax which will allow you to enhance the protection and shine of a variety of car colors (including black), then this offering from Turtle Wax will suit your needs perfectly.

Created with a blend of synthetic polymers and organic carnauba, this wax offers you the best of both worlds. Not only can you expect superior protective powers from this thing, but it will also leave each of your vehicles with a high gloss that is bound to turn heads no matter where you go.

Our favorite thing about this wax is how easy it is to use; after you’re done washing your car, all you have to do is to spray it with this wax and dry it down with a microfiber towel (which, by the way, is included with your purchase!).

The only downside to consider is that since it’s not formulated specifically for black cars, you might not get exactly the shine you desire. However, at this price range, this is one of the best all-rounder car waxes.

Key Feature:

  • 2-piece set allows you to both wax and dry.
  • Efficient hybrid blend of carnauba and polymers.
  • Simultaneously cleans and enhances glossiness.

What we liked

  • Offers easy application, thanks to the efficient spray nozzle.
  • Comes with a complimentary microfiber towel for easier cleaning.
  • Produces a high gloss, perfect for use with a black car.
  • Allows for dependable protection and shine, thanks to the hybrid formula.

What we didn’t like

  • Won’t work as well as waxes formulated specifically for black cars.

3. Meguiar’s M2616 Hi-Tech Yellow Wax – Best Overall

If you already know a little something about car waxes, then you will no doubt have heard of Meguiar, a brand that has justly earned its place among the best, thanks to meticulously researched and reasonably priced products. This yellow wax is one of their most impressive creations.

Like our other picks so far, this one also uses a hybrid formula to correct your car’s paint job and enhance it. Silicones, polymers, and carnauba come together to provide lasting protection for your black car, allowing you longer intervals between re-waxing sessions.

What’s more, you can use any tool of your choice to apply this wax. Whether it’s by hand, with a DA polisher, or a microfiber towel, this wax’s unique consistency and formula will blend easily onto the surface of your car.

Thanks to the aforementioned liquid-wax combination formula of this thing. This formula also contributes to a beautiful glossy shine on a car of any color, be it black or otherwise. It’s almost as good as Meguiar’s G6207 black wax!

Key Feature:

  • Equipped with a unique hybrid formula that works fast and efficiently.
  • Ideal for use with cars of all colors.
  • Greatly enhances gloss and shine.

What we liked

  • Enhances the glossy black shine of your car.
  • Can be applied both by hand and with a DA polisher.
  • Offers long-lasting protection to save you frequent re-waxing sessions.
  • Can be used effectively on all sorts of finishes.

What we didn’t like

  • Some users report a powder residue.

4. Meguiar’s G18220 Ultimate Liquid Wax

This one from Meguiar has a synthetic blend. It’s a little more expensive than our last pick from this brand, so you might want to skip it if you’re on a budget. But when you read about its features, maybe you won’t.

Enhanced with Thin Film technology, this liquid wax has one of the best consistencies we have come across. Its polymer components equip it with a hydrophobic quality that boosts the surface tension of your car’s paint job, consequently allowing for a longer-lasting protective coat.

Applying it is pretty much a walk in the park, and wiping it off is just as easy. And more importantly, it does not leave that annoying white residue! You’ll find that this wax is safe for use with all sorts of glossy paint jobs, including clear coats. So you can use this thing with no worries about your non-black cars as well!

Key Feature:

  • Strong synthetic polymer formula.
  • Hydrophobic quality offers greater protection.
  • Enhances color depth, shine, and protection.

What we liked

  • Produces a mirror-like shine, thanks to the advanced synthetic formula.
  • Works effectively on all sorts of glossy paints, including clear coats.
  • Hydrophobic technology enhances surface tension for greater protection.
  • Thin Film technology makes for easy application and removal.

What we didn’t like

  • Works better when applied with tools.

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5. Turtle Wax T-3KT Car Polish Wax Kit

We’re back with another Turtle Wax product, and this one is an entire set dedicated to preserving that timeless, elegant shine of your black car. Including a pre-wax cleaner, a carnauba wax, and two spray detailers, this highly-rated set is pretty much all you’ll ever need to ensure that your black car stays pristine.

So let’s look at what each product in this set does. With a hefty black tint, the pre-cleaner effectively “removes” marks, scratches, and other contaminants by filling them in and blending them into the paint surface.

After that comes the wax, which further eases out the car’s black shade and can be applied both via hand and with machines.

And for finishing touches, you have the spray detailer! This thing provides your car with an additional protective layer and stays on for quite long. Even though each waxing session with the Turtle Wax T-3KT Black Box kit is typically quite time-consuming, you will get the pay-off in the longevity of the shine.

Key Feature:

  • Set includes pre-wax cleaner, wax and detailer spray.
  • Provides a full waxing session for your black car.
  • Can be applied by hand or with tools.

What we liked

  • The set comes with everything you need to re-gloss and protect your black car.
  • Very affordable, considering that it’s a set.
  • Effectively eliminates swirl marks, scratches, and marring.
  • Included applicators make your life easier.
  • Produces long-enduring and dependable shine and protective layer.

What we didn’t like

  • The consistency of the pre-wax cleaner is not up to par.

6. 3D Speed All in One Clear Coat Car Polish

Finding the best finishing polish for black car that offers consistent results with low effort isn’t easy. That is, of course, until you encounter this all-in-one polisher and wax from 3D. Compatible with a number of surfaces, this big guy will allow you to enhance the beauty of your car both inside and out.

Thanks to its versatile formula, this thing will allow you to correct, polish, gloss and protect in one go. As we know, swirls and scratch marks on black cars are particularly noticeable compared to other colors, but this wax does short work of that.

You’ll also find that application and removal of this wax are extremely easy, something we can all appreciate with our perpetually busy schedules. Given the high price, however, we do wish that the shine would last longer– but that also depends on your climate, so choose wisely!

Key Feature:

  • All-in-one formula for waxing and polishing.
  • Polishes and seals in one go.
  • Ideal for paint correction projects.

What we liked

  • Available in a number of different sizes to fit your needs.
  • Offers ease of use with simple application and removal.
  • Versatile formula works well with a number of surfaces.
  • Comes in a convenient spray can for swift application.

What we didn’t like

  • Does not last very long in certain climates.

7. P21S 12700W Carnauba Car Polishing Wax

If you’re a lover of the environment and hate the idea of contaminating it by using synthetic products, then you will no doubt be drawn to this all-natural carnauba wax. Along with its no-nonsense paste formula, this wax will appeal particularly to those of you who prefer a more old-school approach to waxing your car.

With a high carnauba content, this wax promises to deliver a dependably long-lasting shine for your car. Its non-streaking texture has been formulated without any powder, which precludes those pesky little white streaks that we all hate.

What’s more, this wax is compatible for application both by hand and with the help of machinery. That being said, this wax does take a little bit more effort and elbow grease to blend fully into your car’s coat, but the resulting shine is one that we believe is totally worth it. 

Yes, it’s expensive, but you’ll find that most of the good products are indeed pricy.

Key Feature:

  • Leaves a long-lasting shine.
  • Made primarily with carnauba.
  • Applicable by hand or with machine.

What we liked

  • Organic carnauba formulation, perfect for lovers of the environment.
  • Offers a high shine and gloss with great protection.
  • Does not leave any annoying white residue.
  • Efficiently fills in scratch marks and swirls.

What we didn’t like

  • Quite expensive compared to other waxes.

8. Mothers 05724 California 24oz Gold Spray Wax

Many of us cannot spend a bunch of money on waxing and polishing products, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find quality waxes at an affordable price. This offering from Mothers is the perfect proof of that. With a spray formula that cleans, protects, and enhances shine, this is also one of the waxes easiest to use.

Not only does this wax clean your car’s coat with surprising efficiency for such an unassuming little thing, it even adds a layer of protection. What’s more, it can be used on both dry and wet surfaces, allowing you also to layer it on and enhance existing wax.

We also love the trigger spray that this wax is equipped with, as it allows for swift and effortless application. It takes just a few spritzes, and some are wiping and buffing to remove smudges and surface dust effectively. 

You won’t be able to cover up scratches with this thing too well. But given the performance, it already offers at such a low price, that’s expected.

Key Feature:

  • Spray formula removes smudges and fingerprints.
  • Compatible with any automotive paint, including clear coat.
  • Can be used on both dry and wet surfaces.

What we liked

  • Comes in a smartly designed spray bottle with swift nozzle.
  • Can be applied over existing wax or by itself.
  • Does not only clean and add shine, but protects as well.
  • Gives a “just waxed” look that lasts surprisingly long.

What we didn’t like

  • Not ideal for removing scratches or swirls.

9. Meguiar’s A1624 24 oz. Car Wax

Sometimes, no matter how much time and effort you invest in keeping your black car polished, it will still end up dirty quicker than you expected. What can you do? That’s just how black cars are. 

It’s not always possible to spend extra time getting your car polished. For those last-minute waxing needs, Meguiar’s A1624 Quik Wax is the ideal choice.

The low price might fool you into thinking it will offer lower efficiency or a less durable shine. You’d be surprised at what just a few dollars can achieve for your car! Capable of equipping your vehicle with a deep gloss, this spray is specially formulated for compatibility with dark paints.

So, what makes this the ideal last-minute wax? Its easy application and removal, of course! All you have to do is spray it on and wipe it off, and you’ll be good to go! And the best part is that it works just as well on wet paint as it does on a dry coat.

Now, although this spray does decently guard your vehicle against UV rays, it’s not really the best choice if equipping your vehicle with a protective layer is your priority. If your focus is more on aesthetics, though, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Key Feature:

  • Easy application for last-minute waxing sessions.
  • Comes in an ergonomically designed bottle.
  • Easy to wipe off once you’re done waxing.

What we liked

  • Offers protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Can be applied under full sunlight.
  • Usable on both dry and wet paint.
  • Specially formulated to enhance dark paint coats.

What we didn’t like

  • It might leave a streaky white residue.

10. Chemical Guys HOL_201 Black Paint Kit

Made especially for black cars, the HOL 201 kit from Chemical Guys is understandably one of their most famous creations. 

This set of 6 comes with Chemical Guys’ ultra-popular Black Light Hybrid Glaze and Sealant, their Black Luminous Glow Infusion Wax, three edgeless microfiber towels, and wax applicators.

Oof! That’s quite the set. When it comes to producing a premium shine, though, all of these products perform beautifully. Once you’ve washed your car, use the sealant to create a mirror-like polish, while the wax will allow you to bring out a deep, lustrous gloss that you couldn’t have imagined before.

Yes, it’s definitely one of the most expensive sets on the market, but it’s nothing if not worth the investment. We do wish it came with a pre-wax cleaner, but that’s nothing you can’t take care of with a good, long wash. 

Besides, if you’re looking for the best wax for black cars with scratches, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Key Feature:

  • Set of 6 includes a sealant, wax, towels, and applicators.
  • Hydrophobic and resistant to UV radiation.
  • Offers easy application and durable results.

What we liked

  • Included microfiber towels and applicators allow you to achieve the perfect gloss each time.
  • Specially formulated for black and other dark-colored vehicles.
  • Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish produces a shiny, wet look.
  • Glow Infusion Wax greatly enhances the gloss of your black car.

What we didn’t like

  • Does not come with a pre-wax cleaner despite the high price.

Before You Buy Car Polish & Wax What to Look for

With all the innovations in the world of car cleaning products, finding the best car wax for black cars 2020 can be a confusing process. Just remember to keep the following factors in mind, and you’ll be good to go!

Wax Type

The two main types of car wax available to you are carnauba and synthetic:

  • Carnauba

Made from the carnauba palm leaves, most owners of black cars prefer carnauba wax as it provides a shinier finish and a stronger protective layer. However, compared to synthetic wax, it does not last as long and has to be reapplied more often.

  • Synthetic

The majority of car waxes on the market are synthetic. Formulated specially to cover up scratches and smudges, synthetic wax works more like a sealant. It also offers a more long-enduring shine and tends to be somewhat cheaper than carnauba.

Wax Form

Car waxes come in a variety of forms, namely liquid, paste, spray, and wipes. Let’s have a look at each in turn.

  • Liquid

The most commonly found waxes are liquid, and they typically have to be applied with the help of a rotary buffer or machine polisher, although you can also do it by hand. These are suitable if you prefer easy application.

  • Paste

Relatively thick in consistency, paste waxes take a little bit more effort to apply. Removing it is also a time-consuming task, but the rewards are also greater. Plus, paste wax is more durable.

  • Spray

If you’re kinda lazy or simply don’t have much time to dedicate to car-waxing, a spray wax might be the right choice for you. It’s easy to apply and cleans thoroughly. However, you can’t expect much protection from a spray wax.

  • Wipes

If you need to clean your car last-minute, let’s say before a special occasion, wax wipes will come to the rescue. They remove surface contaminants and even layout a thin layer of protection. However, as you can imagine, they simply don’t last as long as other wax types.

Durability and Performance

The better the wax stays on your car, the longer, right? Even though some of the thicker (and less affordable!) waxes take more time and effort to apply, they tend to last longer.

Furthermore, your chosen wax should not only enhance the shine of your car but be able to fill in scratches and marring as it is being used. It should also protect your car from externalities such as UV rays and water damage.

Ease of Use

The only waxes truly worth buying are the ones that are easy to both apply and remove. Ideally, it should be able to be applied with only a microfiber towel and come with detailed and helpful application instructions.

Final Thoughts

Although it’s expensive, the CarGuys Hybrid Car Polishing Sealant is the ultimate choice in the best car polish and wax for black cars, as it is equipped with all the necessary waxing implements.

However, if you’re on a budget, we would certainly recommend the Turtle Wax T-3KT Black Box Kit.

If you’re looking for something that will allow you to carry out last-minute waxes, Meguiar’s A1624 Quik Wax is perfectly suited to your needs.

Good luck, and may your car always remain shiny!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I wax my car?

Other than enhancing its shine, wax also protects your car from harmful externalities such as oxidizing UV rays.

What sets wax for black cars apart?

Black coats are particularly easy to scratch, smudge and generally get dirty. Although regular wax will work, it won’t be able to hide imperfections as fine as the specialized wax for black cars will do.

How frequently should I wax my black car?

With a premium wax suited to your climate, you’ll be good to go for a few months, but with cheaper ones, the waxing will have to be more frequent.

What is the difference between polishing and waxing?

The primary purpose of waxing is to give your car a protective layer, while polishing is done to enhance its shine. Waxing is done after washing and polishing.

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