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10 Best All-Purpose Cleaner For Car Interior (Buyer’s Guide)


Chemical Guys SPI22016 All-Purpose Cleaner

Brand: Chemical Guys
 1.1 pounds
2.8 x 1.1 x 7.9 inches


Meguiar's D10101 All-Purpose Cleaner

 8.85 pounds
 4.4 x 11.45 x 7 inches


Meguiar’s All-Purpose Cleaner

Brand: PBMG
8 Pounds

It’s undeniable that cleaning your car interior is not a cup of tea. Is it? But a good cleaner can pave the way to decrease your hassle. So, our automotive experts’ have listed the best all-purpose Cleaner for car interior dominating the market right now.

So, we’re going to reveal the best options for you, starting from Chemical Guys SPI22016 to 9 other cleaners. You will get a clear explanation of choosing the right Cleaner for your interior plastics, Leathers, and Vinyls.

10 Best All-Purpose Car Interior Cleaner Reviews

1. Chemical Guys SPI22016 All-Purpose Cleaner – Editor’s Choice

This is our first choice of interior Cleaner. If you ask, which is the best interior Cleaner to use? Can I use an all-purpose interior cleaner? Yes, you can use Chemical Guys SPI22016 total interior cleaner. This all-in-one cleaner works on all surfaces like your interior plastic or leather sit and plastic and leather fusion.

It’s highly praised for its chrome cleaning tool. You can clean your glass materials with this single Cleaner. Works fairly good on the windshield, front and back glass, and touch screen gadgets too. This one cleans your car without damaging anything.

Removes dirt and debris and adds fine detail to the surface. Add texture to plastics and smoothness to lathers. You will feel the difference before and after washing your interiors. This Cleaner also adds a protective layer to the cleaned surface.


  • Works best on chromium parts.
  • Good glass cleaner, so no need to add a glass cleaner on the shelf.
  • Adds a coating on the cleaned surface, which distracts dirt, debris, and oil.
  • Cleaner protects the surfaces from direct UV and removes dust or grease.
  • Remove dirt quickly gives a shiny look, a wax-type coating that blocks grimes.
  • Give your car interior a look it had when bought new.

What we liked

  • Get superb cleaning and quick detailing.
  • Works on any surface on interiors.
  • Coats the surface to block dirt and grease for a long period.
  • Restricts sunlight and UV rays damage.
  • No wastage is left after cleaning.

What we didn’t like

  • A very small number of complain about leaving marks on glass parts.

2. Meguiar’s D10101 All-Purpose Cleaner – Best Value

You can use Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner to clean both interior and exterior surfaces, making it a versatile cleaner for both purposes. Meguiar’s D10101 All-Purpose Cleaner’s superior foaming action softly pulls debris away from vinyl, upholstery, carpet, and even leather for the ideal interior cleaner solution.

Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner contains fabric softeners to make it more than just a cleaner and can even recondition much of the inner surface.

The Meguiars Professional Collection includes a comprehensive catalog of pro-grade car care and detailing items specifically designed to replicate the quality and finish of the formulas found in professional detailing shops where quality and durability are paramount.

The Meguiars Technical collection is for car-care obsessives who are thoroughly involved in the finest quality chemical formulations in cleaning, polishing, decontaminating, waxing, buffing, and securing their prized possessions. This is more than a car cleaner.


  • Cleanses Ceramic coating.
  • Can clean Iron rust and remove iron from other materials.
  • Non-acidic Cleaner to use on tires and wheels.
  • The sharp reflecting finish on cleaning.
  • The citrus scent in cleaning formula.
  • Comes with a spray bottle.

What we liked

  • Reconditions maximum interior surface.
  • Uses active foaming formula to lift dirt gently.
  • Softens fabrics to remove dirt and grease easily.
  • Safe for any materials.
  • Dilutable in strength.
  • Works fine on upholstery, door panels, dashboard, and even on glass.

What we didn’t like

  • Complains of leaking container.

3. Meguiar’s All-Purpose Cleaner with Bottle Sprayer – Best Overall

Are you looking for an interior cleaner that can clean both soft and rough surfaces? This product is used commercially by a professional car wash. However, this can be the best DIY all-purpose Cleaner for the car interior.

You can vary the strength of the chemical according to your need. You can use a 10:1 ratio with water for softer surfaces, and for rough materials like mats and carpets, use a 4:1 ratio. Because it has a stronger chemical formula, this one can decrease the hardest grease that makes your car look dirty.

Textured plastics get a nice cleaning and look cleaner on grooves. Grooves contain dirt mostly, which is hard to get cleaned. With this one, you can remove those unwanted sprinkles of dirt easily.


  • Works on both soft and rough surface.
  • Best Cleaner for chromium parts.
  • Superb foaming action cleans the dirt smoothly.
  • Rough on carpet and fibers but soft enough to clean leather seats.
  • Cleans exteriors as well.
  • Acrylic and metals are cleanable with meguiar’s all-purpose Cleaner.
  • Get rid of any stubborn grease or oil.
  • It gives an original looking finish after cleaning.

What we liked

  • All in one Cleaner.
  • Doesn’t limit on interior.
  • Can clean more than just cars.
  • Not a strong smelly cleaner.
  • Variable in strength for different cleaning so doesn’t damages leather.
  • Foams very well, Degreasing is better than most others.

What we didn’t like

  • UV protection is not available.
  • Leaves scum or smudges after cleaning according to some buyers.

4. Adam’s Heavy-Duty All-Purpose Cleaner

This one is a heavy-duty all-purpose cleaner for car interiors. It removes any hard grease or grime from your car interior with ease. You can clean your engine bays with this one. It’s an all in one cleaner for soft and rough materials.

Softer plastics and rubbers get burn marks and smudges if the Cleaner is too heavy to use. But this one is dilutable, so you can change the strength according to your need for cleaning if you are thinking which is a good product that can use an all-purpose cleaner on car interior as well as on exteriors.

This is one of them. You can clean softer materials diluting this All-Purpose Cleaner and use it directly on carpets, tire rims, and engine bays.


  • Safe and effective on any surface.
  • This can cut the toughest grease buildup on any surface.
  • Cleans mats and carpets gently but quickly.
  • Foaming cleans the dirt and grime effortlessly.
  • Cleans soft materials gently when diluted.
  • Dilution can be maximized up to 90% and usable for cleaning leather.
  • Works very well on the metal surface.
  • Chromium parts shine like a new product.
  • Non-lethal and odorless.
  • Oxidation safe cleaner, so safe to use on rubber and vinyl tops.

What we liked

  • Strong degreaser and dirt remover.
  • Superb Cleaner on any surface.
  • All-purpose Cleaner without limitations.
  • Strength is variable by dilution up to 90%.
  • Safe for skins and sensitive areas.

What we didn’t like

  • Non-UV protective Cleaner.
  • Not the best car interior cleaner for leather.

5. Chemical Guys CLD_101_16 All-Purpose Cleaner

Don’t be surprised with another product from the Chemical Guys with citrus formula. Just like your kitchen dishwasher comes with lemon extracts because citric acid cuts the grease. This Cleaner uses the same method to cut the hardest grease on the interior of the car.

It cleans plastic, metal, and leather. This product can clean inside out of the car. Interior accessories like the navigator are displayed at the bottom of the car. Highly concentrated for stubborn grease but can be diluted to clean delicate parts too.

This one has a gentle smell. Not too strong for a sensitive nose. You can clean anything like soft leather seats or even your carbon fiber engine cover. It has awesome cleaning.


  • Cleans anything from carpet to engine bay.
  • Removes the stubbornest grease from seat covers and interiors.
  • Wash out any stains and remove odor from upholstery.
  • Dissolve and pull out grease and oil from cracks and curves.
  • The organic composition of citrus extract cleaner.
  • Breaks dirt and grimes to clean them out from the surface.
  • Dilution varies from heavy-duty to light-duty cleaning.
  • Spreads a good smell in the exterior.

What we liked

  • Cleans any surface gently.
  • Can be used on both metal and plastic surface.
  • High-tech Citrus based formula.
  • Keep the texture unharmed.
  • Add detailing to the cleaned surface.
  • Removes bad odor and add gentle smell.

What we didn’t like

  • The protective coating is not added.
  • Detailing fades as time passes.

6. Carfidant Ultimate Automotive All-Purpose Cleaner

Now, this is easy to use a product that we kept on our list. Just spray and clean. Not just your interior, this Cleaner is more than an interior car cleaning product. You can clean both the interior and exterior of your car.

It works fine on metals and cleans dirt without damaging chrome. You may clean anything with this form of car seats to the dashboard. Some users don’t like to dilute the products they buy. You may be one of those who like to use things out of the box and don’t want any bother changing things. Then you should look at this product. All it lacks is mat finish. 


  • Botherless easy cleaning spray.
  • No harmful chemicals.
  • Free from the strong unbearable smell.
  • Rough on dirt yet soft on paint.
  • Works on carpet but the same level of cleaning under the hood.
  • Cleans windshield and front and back glass.
  • Doesn’t make any chemical reaction with oxidizing materials.
  • Removes bugs, tar, contaminants both from inside out.
  • Goes easy on leather, so car seats are not damaged.

What we liked

  • Cleans extremely well.
  • Works on exteriors as well.
  • The company offers a refund.
  • Comes with a free microfibers wipe.
  • No scent or smell.

What we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t go well with touch screens and navigation screens.
  • Detailing is not satisfying for some customers.

7. MEGUIAR’S D14901 Interior Detailer

Meguiar’s D14901 is a cleaner for those who like detailing on the car interior. This is specially designed for getting details after cleaning any surface. You can directly clean plastic interiors on both smooth and textured surfaces.

This one cleans your interior without losing any shine. Adds a waxy layer that fades damages but adds a little more details to textured surfaces. Your dashboard and steering wheel looks like a newly installed set.

It cleans leather seats, rubber sheets, carbon fiber accessories, and vinyl tops as well. Besides, it is formulated especially for interior cleaning. It gives a matte finish polishing and has some UV protection coating for interiors. One of the best all-purpose cleaners is looking for a nice finish that looks premium and feels very good. Saves from cracking by dust and debris.


  • Protects interiors from sunlight damage and UV rays.
  • Gives the best detailing for an interior car cleaner.
  • Cleans grease and dirt very smoothly.
  • Keep the texture very sharp after cleaning.
  • Washes dirt and debris gently over the surface.
  • Gives a matte finish polishing, which lacks on most Cleaner.
  • Works on the touch screen and glass materials.
  • Removes dirt from groovy areas.

What we liked

  • Get one extra gallon free.
  • Gives a matte finish.
  • Non-greasy cleaning liquid.
  • Protects from UV rays.

What we didn’t like

  • The initial smell after the appliance is noticeably irritating.
  • Cleaning is less satisfying than others.

8. 3D Friendly Car Care All-Purpose Cleaner

If you are an environmental concern person, then this 3D all-purpose Cleaner is for you. This product is biodegradable and free from the environment of harmful chemicals. Works tough on dirt and debris and clean them out from deep.

This one is made to get into the curves and hollow areas and lift the dirt and debris. This Cleaner washes the dirt out of the smallest size. This product just doesn’t clean and rest. It leaves some special enzyme that breaks grimes and debris and forces them out of surface cracks.

This enzyme stays there even after washing gently. And don’t let any grimes into deep corners of the surface for a good amount of time—very well cleaner for cleaning crack waist and curvy or groovy surface which is hard to clean.


  • Cleans very well than most others.
  • Breaks dirt and debris into molecular sizes to clean.
  • Non-harming chemicals for the environment.
  • Non-smelly non-fragrance Cleaner.
  • Cleans dirt from brake pads.
  • Works for body shop professionals.
  • Removes spot from the surface.
  • Pre-spotter for carpets and mats.
  • Removes water and oil spot marks from any surface.

What we liked

  • Safe to use on the car’s body and paint.
  • Biodegradable and Environment-friendly product.
  • Smell and scent-free.
  • Comes in a sprayer bottle.
  • Safe to use on many materials.

What we didn’t like

  • Irritates eye and skin.
  • Doesn’t work well with leather, removes color, and not recommended to use on glass.

9. Meguiar’s Detailing Interior Cleaner

Meguiar’s Cleaner is already a good product. This is a product of combining Meguiar’s D101 all-purpose interior cleaner with an extra boost of detailing solution. Besides, it’s an auto choice for both interior and exterior of the car.

It removes any dirt, stain, or grease from anything in the interior. This all in one Cleaner fights with the hardest stain and removes it completely. Sometimes you may accidentally throw food or drinks on your car seats or carpets.

It’s not very rare to spill your door interior plastics with juice. This Cleaner is specially made to remove these marks. Your car’s seat leathers or carpet or even on door plastic clean anything from coke stain to dirt.


  • Works on both soft and rough surface.
  • Sprayer bottle added on the accessories for free.
  • Best Cleaner for chromium parts.
  • Superb foaming action cleans the dirt smoothly.
  • Rough on carpet and fibers but soft enough to clean leather seats.
  • Gives a detailing just like a new car.
  • Acrylic and metals are cleanable with meguiar’s all-purpose Cleaner.
  • Get rid of any stubborn grease or oil.
  • It gives an original looking finish after cleaning.

What we liked

  • Foams very well, which doesn’t limit on interior.
  • Foams very well also can clean more than just cars.
  • Not a strong smelly cleaner.
  • Variable in strength for different cleaning.
  • Adds detailing and doesn’t damages leather.
  • Degreasing is better than most others.

What we didn’t like

  • UV protection is not available.

10. 303 Multi-Surface All Purpose Cleaner Spray for Car

Last but not least, the manufacturer claims to clean anything from home interiors, patio, and many others with this all-purpose Cleaner. Use this interior car cleaning product on any surface like the vinyl roof, engine bay, or even on fabrics of carpet and mats on the car floor.

Multi-Surface Cleaner lives up to its name. This product was actually produced for cleaning home interiors. But with the new formula, this company came into the car interior cleaning business.

And they are giving good competition to others. It cleans oil, grease, and dirt. It has a protective formula to keep your interior way out of harm, remove stains and spots from fibers, and give a brand new look.


  • Cleanses and brighten carpets and mats like new products.
  • Removes hardest stains from carpet.
  • Cleans any spot on any surface like tea, coffee, blood, and much more.
  • Boost cleaning if washed with warm water.
  • It can be used on anything like motorbikes, RV, Home interiors, etc.
  • Gives protection from UV rays.
  • Removes dirt and debris like they were never there.

What we liked

  • Great detailing all-purpose Cleaner.
  • No limitation in usability.
  • No scratch is left after washing.
  • Makes things shine like a new one.
  • Works on all waterproof surface.
  • Degrease very well.

What we didn’t like

  • Irritation on the skin may appear.

How to Choose the Car Interior Cleaner?


Some car interior cleaners are only made for interior cleaning. And some are made for multiple other surfaces too. You need to consider whether you want to buy an all-purpose all surface cleaner or just a car interior cleaning product.


Some cleaners use protective formulas on their products, cleans your cars’ surfaces, and protects them from scratching while cleaning. Some products add a wax coating to shield the surfaces from dirt and debris for a longer duration.

UV protection is also an important factor to look at before buying. UV rays change the chemical structure of some materials. And your car will be under sunlight for a long time, which allows UV rays to act on those materials.

You will be in your car for a long time, so contaminants and bacteria are more likely to roam around the air. Using a car interior cleaner that kills bacteria and contaminants is highly recommended.

Dust Blocker

Not just cleaning, your Cleaner should be able to block dust from attaching to the cleaned surface. Some all-purpose car cleaner spray adds an extra layer or injects some enzymes that don’t let dirt stay on the surface. Try to find that Cleaner which offers this feature.


Some cleaner smells great. Some are odorless, and some smell awful. Try to get an odorless one if you are allergic to scent. But you can get a fragrance added interior sprayer too.


Always get biodegradable interior cleaners. Make sure the Cleaner is both user friendly and environment friendly. Chemicals can harm your skin and eyes when you spray them out. Some chemicals react very badly and burn the skin. Some products are not eco-friendly and damage grass and soil. Try to get a cleaner which is both safe for you and nature.

Ease of Use

The interior Cleaner should not be too hard to use. It’s recommended to choose the concentrated Cleaner that can be dissolved with water. And the sprayer should be easy to use too. Some bottles are cordless vacuum sprayer which sprays the liquid on push. Try to get something like that.


The last thing to concern about while buying a cleaner is affordability. If you are buying something that offers many features but cost too high, you should check other products. Some may lack 1 or 2 features but save a lot from your pocket. So choose something effective and affordable.

Final Thoughts

Buying the best all-purpose car cleaner is not an easy job. Yet you already know which one you should get. Chemical Guys SPI22016 all-purpose cleaner is the one if you don’t want to check other products. Yet if you want to know can I use all-purpose cleaner inside my car except for this one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How should I use the product directly or diluted?

Most of the products are pre-set for interior cleaning. You can use them directly. But you must dilute some cleaner before using it on a softer surface.

Do detailers remove scratch marks?

No, they don’t remove scratch marks, but they try to hide and fade them for a long time.

Can I use Car interior cleaner of glass?

Most interior cleaners use the formula to work on glass and touchpads. But not all cleaners are safe to use on glass. So make sure your all-purpose cleaner is really an all-purpose one.

Can I use an all-purpose cleaner for leather?

Yes, you can. All-purpose means you can use it on any surface. So leather is an important interior material in a car. But you can use a leather conditioner to protect your leather from cracking and fading color.

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