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Best Coil Packs For 3.5 Ecoboost – Comparison Chart with Features

Best 3.5 Ecoboost Coil Packs

The Ford 3.5L Ecoboost is designed for delivering power and torque consistently while ensuring a 30% better fuel economy and 15% less greenhouse gas emission. Don’t let the beast startle, denying it the best coil packs.

Poor quality coil packs and spark plugs will suffocate the engine. To unleash the real power and efficiency of this engine you must install the best possible coil packs you can get in the market.

But how do you know which coil pack is the best for 3.L ecoboost? It is virtually impossible to know every minute details of each component and buy them blindly without any prior research.

Well, I invested my time to save yours! I have reviewed the 10 best 3.5L ecoboost coil packs through extensive research on the products that are compatible and currently available in the market.

# Preview Title
Ignition Coil Pack Set of 6 – Compatible with Ford, Mercury, Mazda & Lincoln Vehicles – 3.5L, 3.7L V6 Edge, F150, Explorer, Mustang, Taurus X, MKZ – Replaces 7T4E-12A375-EE, DG520, 7T4Z12029E, DG-520
MSD Ignition Coil
Motorcraft DG-549 Ignition Coil
6 Pack Performance Ignition Coil Packs for Ecoboost 3.5L V6 Police Interceptor F-150 F150 Transit MKS MKT & Spark Plugs 3.5 x6
Automotive-leader DG549 BL3Z-12029-C 6PCS Ignition Coils for Ford Mustang Edge Flex Fusion Taurus Taurus X, for Lincoln MKS MKT MKK MKZ, for Mazda 6 Mazda CX-9, for Mercury Sable DG-549 C1814 UF646
Germban BL3Z-12029-C DG549 Ignition Coils Set of 6pcs Replacement for Expedition Explorer F-150 Flex Taurus Transit for Lincoln MKS MKT Navigator 3.5L V6 2013-2017 UF646
Koauto Compatible with 6X Turbo Ignition Coils For 11-17 Ecoboost Flex F150 Taurus Mks Mkt Ford
ACCEL 140646B-6 Super Coil OEM Replacement 3 Pin Blue 6 Pack Super Coil
Hotwin 6pcs Ignition Coils Assembly BL3E 12A375 CA Compatible with Ford Lincoln Ecoboost Explorer F150 Taurus 3.5L

Our Picks On The Best Coil Packs For 3.5 Ecoboost

The stressful job of researching the replacement coils for your F-150 is made simpler, how you ask? The salvation comes in the form of the list below, where you will find all the information needed for choosing the correct and best coil pack for 3.5 Ecoboost.

1. MSD Ignition Coil

The EcoBoost engine on your Ford F-150 is compatible mostly with the MSD ignition coils. The coils are reliable and are efficient in the use of energy if you want to replace them with your factory made ones.

The OEM spec parts may look the same as the factory made that comes standard with your car but are not the same. Beneath the awesome looking red color housing MSD uses high quality products and design that helps with the boost for your EcoBoost engine.

The ignition coils are designed in such a way that you can install it directly specially for your F-150. This is why the installation process is smooth and can be done with relative ease. The limited time warranty offered by MSD is a bonus with these ignition coils.

Before buying you should always check if the replacing part is compatible with your vehicle make and model.

The Item model number is 82576 with the manufacturer part number ‎82576 and OEM part number 82576 the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost is compatible for the following year 11, 12, 13, 14


  • Fixes misfiring problems
  • Provides good fuel economy


  • The price is high due to vehicle specified coils

Do these MSD Coil Packs made for 2012 Ford F-150 models with 3.5L EcoBoost engines?

Yes, the MSD coil packs are compatible with the 2012 Ford F-150 model.

2. Motorcraft DG-549 Ignition Coil

The Motorcraft ignition coils go through a lot of testing so you would get the best engine performance with less mileage and causing less pollution as well. The DG-549 are the only ignition coils that Ford recommends to be used as a replacement part on their vehicle.

The motorcraft coil pack 3.5 ecoboost is perfect for your misfiring engine that will be fixed after installation. The coils are made from premium quality products and as it is made specifically for Ford trucks they will last longer with perfect fit. Motorcraft and Ford parts are manufactured from first-quality materials – chosen specifically for maximum performance and application suitability

The coil comes as a single piece so you need to buy the rest 5 if you want to replace the whole set in your engine. With these aftermarket replacement parts you would be better off changing the spark plugs as well so that with all the new parts your old problems won’t persist anymore.

3.5L Ecoboost Ignition Coil are compatible with the following cars:

2015-2017 Ford Expedition, 2013-2017 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan, 2015-2017 Ford Police Interceptor Utility, 2011-2015 Ford F-150, 2013-2017 Ford Explorer, 2013-2015 Ford Flex, 2013-2015 Ford Taurus SHO, 2015-2017 Ford Transit 150, 2015-2017 Ford Transit 250, 2015-2017 Ford Transit 350, 2015-2017 Ford Transit 350HD, 2013-2015 Lincoln MKS, 2013-2015 Lincoln MKT, 2015-2017 Lincoln Navigator.

Make sure to check the manufacturer’s number and part number so that you will know which ones are compatible with your Ecoboost. The parts number are Interchange Part Number: BL3Z-12029-C, DG-549, DG549, BL3Z12029C, UF-612, UF612, XP5863, XP-5863 and the manufacturer number are BL3Z-12029-C, BL3Z12029C


Specifically made for Ford Motors
Fixes misfiring problems
Provides great mileage


The ignition coils are expensive

What kind of connection does it have?

DG-549 is a three prong connector for ecoboost engines.

Can these fit as 2014 3.5 ecoboost replacement?

Yes, this can be used as a replacement on 2014 3.5 ecoboost.

3. Yoshi Motors Pack of 6 Ignition Coil With 6 Iridium Spark Plug Replacement For Ford Lincoln 13-17 Expedition Police Interceptor F 150 Explorer Flex 250 350 MKS MKT Navigator Ecoboost 3.5 V6 UF646

These replacement coils will solve the poor mileage, slow engine start up, and gasoline smell when idle. The set of coils are high quality which can be fitted with relative ease as it is the closest replacement of the OE parts. This is a time saver and saves a few bucks as well.

To avoid future engine troubles you can replace your old used factory parts with these coil packs for your 3.5 Ecoboost. The coil is designed specifically to fit perfectly as it follows the OE specs which is why they will last longer.

The ignition coils can withstand high temperatures while performing with peak efficiency. This is one of the reasons it has a long life and doesn’t cause engine issues when replaced. Yoshi Motors provides excellent customer service so even if you run into any trouble you can contact them to solve the problem or return the product to get your money back.

The manufacturer part number is YOSHIMOTO S0013.

OEM part number are DG-549, IC 749, 2505-484814, BL3Z-12029-C, UF-646, E1146, 673-6300, 5C1871, DG549, UF646, UF612, UF-612, ‎L3G218100A9U C1683 5C1740 L3G2-18-100B L3G2-18-100 L3G2-18-100-A L3G2-18-100-A-9U L3G2-18-100-B L3G2-18-100-B-9U L3K9-18-100-A L3K9-18-100-B L3G218100 L3G218100A L3G218100A9U L3G218100B L3K918100A L3K918100B UF540 UF-540 610-58723 L3G2-18-100B 178-8350 178-8527 E1040 50223 L3G2-18-100 DQ50160A.

You must compare the OEM number to get the correct ignition coils for you.

Ford Vehicles Compatible With 3.5L ecoboost engine on the following models:
Ford Expedition 2015-2017, Ford Police Interceptor Sedan 2013-2017, Ford Police Interceptor Utility 2015-2017, Ford F-150 2011-2015, Ford Explorer 2013-2017, Ford Flex 2013-2015, Ford Taurus SHO 2013-2015, Ford Transit 150 2015-2017, Ford Transit 250 2015-2017, Ford Transit 350 2015-2017, Ford Transit 350HD 2015-2017, Lincoln MKS 2013-2015, Lincoln MKT 2013-2015, Lincoln Navigator 2015-2017.


Heat resistant from high temperature
Increase in mileage


Future misfires may occur

Will this work on my 2009 Ford F-150 -With 3.5L Ecoboost Engine?

No, the replacement part is for the years 2011-2015.

4. Automotive-leader DG549 BL3Z-12029-C 6PCS Ignition Coils for Ford Mustang Edge Flex Fusion Taurus Taurus X, for Lincoln MKS MKT MKK MKZ, for Mazda 6 Mazda CX-9, for Mercury Sable DG-549 C1814 UF646

Automotive-leader makes ignition coils by maintaining high standards which results in the premium quality OEM specs replacement parts. This is why the parts fit easily making the installation easy and the coil will last longer as it is made up of anti corrosive material for protection from high temperatures.

The coils undergo vigorous testing and checking process before delivering which ensures you will get the best product. The quality control process also helps you get the best product that is why you get the desired performance from the ignition coils while you will be able to use it for longer.

As these are direct plug in replacement parts they can be easily fit but be careful and check if you are putting them on correctly. If the coils are not properly installed then you will start having problems, maybe immediately or after 6 months so double check your work. If the installation process is followed correctly then misfires , low fuel economy or backfiring engine problems will be solved and the results will start immediately.

You can fit these aftermarket coils in these following cars:

Lincoln MKS 2013-2016, Lincoln MKT 2013-2019, Lincoln Navigator 2015-2017, Ford Expedition 2015-2017, Ford Explorer, Flex 2013-2019, Ford F-150 2011-2016, Ford Police Interceptor Sedan 2013-2019, Ford Police Interceptor Utility 2014-2019, Ford Taurus 2013-2019, Ford Transit 150/250/350 2015-2019

The parts that can interchanged are: BL3Z-12029-C, BL3Z12029C, BL3E-12A375-CA, BL3E-12A375-CC, BL3E-12A375-CB, BL3Z-12029-A and the replacement parts numbers are DG-548, UF-646 / UF646, XP-5863 / 2505-484814, 36-8234 / 673-6300, C1814 / 5C1871, E1146 / IC749, DG-549 / DG549, BL3Z-12029-B.


  • Easy to install,
  • Direct plug-in replacement.
  • High-quality materials used
  • Enhance durability performance
  • Stable Performance & Longer Service Life
  • 100% Rigorous Tested Before On Sale & Shipment
  • Meet The Professional Specification As OEM Standard


  • Doesn’t provide a guarantee.

Will these work on high performance models?

No they will not, they are replacement coils.

5. Germban BL3Z-12029-C DG549 Ignition Coils Set of 6pcs Replacement for Expedition Explorer F-150 Flex Taurus Transit for Lincoln MKS MKT Navigator 3.5L V6 2013-2017 UF646

  • Interchange Part Number: BL3Z-12029-B, BL3Z-12029-A, BL3E-12A375-CA, BL3E-12A375-CB, BL3E-12A375-CC, DG-548, UF-646, C1814
  • Warranty: 2 Years; Fully Tested.
  • Efficient power transfer connections.
  • Ultra high output spark / Smooth engine operation.
  • We provide 100% perfect customer service, please contact us if you have any question.

Germban aftermarket ignition coils come with 2 year warranty and can fit your F-150 V6 3.5L (2011-2015). The OEM replacement parts are reasonably priced and easy fit thus the installation process is fairly easy.

With every ignition coil fitting you have to be careful to check all the wiring is in its designated place. If you don’t fit them properly then you will start having misfire and give you poor mileage. Also replacing the spark plugs when you are putting in new OE spec replacement parts will give you the desired result.

The reasonably priced aftermarket set comes with all the ignition coils you would need put in. Compared to other branded products which sometimes come with a single ignition coil. With these coils you will be driving in cheap bliss.

The coil parts can fit the cars with manufacturer number ‎BL3Z-12029-C and the
OEM number for the replacement part are ‎BL3Z-12029-C, BL3Z-12029-A, BL3Z-12029-B, 2505-484814, UF646, E1146, 5C1871, DG-549, 673-6300

You can fit these aftermarket coils in these following cars:

(2015-2017) Expedition V6, (2013-2017) Explorer V6, (2011-2015) F-150 V6, (2013-2016) Flex V6, (2013-2016) Police Interceptor Sedan V6, (2014-2017) Police Interceptor Utility V6, (2013-2015) Taurus V6, (2015-2017) Transit-150 V6, (2015-2017) Transit-250 V6, (2015-2017) Transit-350 V6, (2015-2017) Transit-350 HD V6, (2013- 2016) Lincoln MKS V6, (2013-2016) Lincoln MKT V6, (2015-2017) Lincoln Navigator V6.


  • Easy to fit
  • Provides Easy installation
  • Reasonably priced


  • These are aftermarket ignition coils.

Will it fit Ford F-150 3.5 ecoboost twin turbo?

Yes, the coil set can be used to fit the F-150 ecoboost twin turbo.

6. Koauto Compatible with 6X Turbo Ignition Coils For 11-17 Ecoboost Flex F150 Taurus Mks Mkt Ford

Koauto ignition coils packs are made for rough use and still be able to perform admirably. This is because their quality is contained which helps them to maintain the highest quality ignition coils. The box set includes 6 pieces of ignition coils which are vigorously tested so that you get the best quality products.

You can find the replacement part for your misfiring 3.5 ecoboost turbo engine which you can use with ease of mind as it will provide stability and durability. After installation you will start noticing the changes almost immediately with a faster starting engine. Uniform powerflow means that you will be able to accelerate and conserve fuel which will give you great mileage.

The manufacturer part number is BL3E12A375CA and the interchange part numbers are BL3E12A375CC, BL3E12A375CB,BL3Z-12029-B, BL3Z-12029-C, BL3Z12029B

Other Part Number:BL3E 12A375 CA UF-612, DG-524, 5C1856 BL3Z12029A check these numbers to find out if your car is compatible with these coils.

Cars housing 3.5 L Ecoboost Engine that are compatible with these coils:

2015-2017 Ford Expedition ,2011-2015 Ford F-150, 2013-2017 Ford Explorer, 2013-2015 Ford Flex, 2013-2015 Ford Taurus SHO 2015-2017 Ford Transit 150, 2015-2017 Ford Transit 250, 2015-2017 Ford Transit 350, 2015-2017 Ford Transit 350HD, 2013-2015 Lincoln MKS, 2013-2015 Lincoln MKT, 2015-2017 Lincoln Navigator, 2013-2017 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan, 2015-2017 Ford Police Interceptor Utility.


  • Easy to install
  • Reasonably priced for the whole pack
  • Quality controlled


  • There is no warranty

Are these 3 pins or 2 pins ignition coils?

These are 3 pin ignition coils.

7. ACCEL 140646B-6 Super Coil OEM Replacement 3 Pin Blue 6 Pack Super Coil


  • Up to 15% more spark energy than OEM coils
  • Maximizes fuel mileage
  • High temperature vacuum applied epoxy resists shock and vibration
  • Fit type: Universal

Would you want to up your engine performance? Accel super coil is the answer as it can increase your engine’s output by 15% so that you can use all the potential horsepower at your disposal.

With its OE spec coils it is easy to fit and these coils are much cheaper than the OEM coil packs. The coils are super reliable and durable with its high temperature epoxy application gives extra protection from shocks and vibrations. Thus you can completely rely on not having backfires or misfires after installing Accel.

The item model number, manufacturer part number and the OEM part number is 140646B-6. The company has it listed as a universal fit but if you are particularly thrilled about this then you can go for the other reviewed products in this article.


  • Maximizes fuel mileage
  • Up to 15% more spark energy than OEM coils
  • High temperature vacuum applied epoxy resists shock and vibration


  • Might fail before the estimated lifespan

Will the coil perform better than the OE parts?

After installing the you will be able to see definite rise in mileage with slight increase to the power.

10. Hotwin 6pcs Ignition Coils Assembly BL3E 12A375 CA Compatible with Ford Lincoln Ecoboost Explorer F150 Taurus 3.5L

The Hotwin comes with 6 brand new and premium quality coils for your F-150. The coils go through testing which ensures high quality performance from the engine. This is maintained by regular quality checks which maintains the high standard of coils.

These are OE replacement parts so the fitting of these coils are relatively simple. The coils are directly replaceable which makes for an easy installation. Make sure to take the necessary safety steps before installation to ensure the proper fit of the coils to get the desired performance from them.

After the installation you can see the changes from the first drive, as overused coils cause significant drop in the engine’s performance. The new coils improves fuel economy and boosts its acceleration and returns the Ecoboost to former glory days when it was new.

Compatible for these cars:

Ford Explorer 3.5L V6 2013-2015, Ford F-150 3.5L V6 Turbo 2011-2016, Ford Flex 3.5L V6 Turbo 2013-2016, Ford Taurus 3.5L V6 2013-2015, Lincoln MKT 3.5L V6 2013-2014, Ford Police Interceptor Sedan 3.5L V6 Turbo 2013-2016, Ford Police Interceptor Utility 3.5L V6 Turbo 2014-2016.

Check both these numbers to see if they match your vehicle; Manufacturer part number BL3E12A375CA, Part number: BL3E12A375CA, BL3Z-12029-B, BL3Z-12029-C, BL3E-12A75-CB, 505-484814, C-902, DG-549, DG549 UF-646, UF646 BL3Z-12029-A, BL3E-12A375-CC.


  • Eliminates misfires from the engine
  • Easy to install
  • Improved mileage and acceleration


  • Won’t work on F-150’s that came out before 2010

Will this coil pack work on the 2012 Ford F-150 3.5L V6 Turbo?

Yes, these coils will fit the 2012 Ford F-150 3.5L.

What to look for when buying an ignition coil?

Are you planning on buying ignition coils for your F-150 3.5 Ecoboost but don’t know which pack to purchase? Or are you not sure if the coils are causing the misfire in the engine? To help you make an informed decision I have compiled the following guide:

When you are thinking of buying ignition coils for your 3.5 ecoboost then you must keep in mind these things:

  • Compatibility
  • Features
  • Number of coils in the pack
  • Warranty
  • Brand name
  • Price

Engine Compatibility

As different engines use different ignition coils you should always consider this as the most important, meaning use the compatible list to check if your vehicle matches the OEM part number. The number of coils in the pack can vary from brand to brand and to know exactly how many coils the pack has is the second factor to consider.


It is advisable to go through the key features given in the pros section of this article so that you will know what the product has to offer. In most of the cases the features are somewhat similar except for a few which are unique to that brand or the design enables the engine to perform at higher OEM standards. If you make sure to keep the features in mind then your choice will be informed and satisfying.

Check the amount of coils per pack

The 3.5 ecoboost uses 8 ignition coils so when a company is selling 6 ignition coils then you need to add 2 more individual packs so you get the complete set or get the pack which has 8 in them.


The warranty can help you when the coils have any defect, the warranty may help with the replacement or refund if you meet with their policy. The warranty period is also something to keep in mind when buying, some warranty periods end after 90 days and some are lifetime warranty.


A reliable brand is an old brand but that’s not the case with everything. A new brand can provide the exact or in some cases outperform older brand coils. Although older products can be trusted easily due to the fact that they have been around for a long and been known to deliver quality coils. The best brand coils have their own history to lean on and with the new brands you must read past client reviews and keep the above points in to make choices that will benefit you and your car.

Price Range

Price ranges of ignition coils vary like any other product which is to say that there are expensive coil packs and really affordable ones. When you compare the two you will be astonished at how this is possible. This doesn’t mean that the not so pricey parts are somehow defective or the expensive ones will fly you to the moon. It just means you have to be aware of the features provided by the brand which determines the price along with quality and quantity.

When these key points are kept in mind while deciding which one is the best coil pack for 3.5 ecoboost then you can make an informed decision about facts and figures which will determine the best possible outcome for your engine’s performance.

What are the signs of a faulty ignition coil?

The energy produced by the battery is weak to ignite the fuel, the ignition cole in your F-150 transforms the low voltage into the higher voltage. This is needed for the spark plugs to spark strongly enough to set the gasoline on fire.

If your engine is stalling or shaking uncontrollably then the ignition coils have gone bad and you need to change them. There are few other signs of your engine needing coil replacement and they are:

  • Engine light on
  • Less acceleration
  • High mileage
  • Strong smell of petrol when the engine is idle
  • Epic vibration and smell

A dive in your RPM is a clear indication that your ignition coil has gone bad and needs to be replaced. The check engine light indicates that the engine is struggling to perform optimally which can mean the ignition coils are misfiring due to overuse. Or the spark plugs are not doing what they are supposed to do, so replacing them both is the best way to go.
Interested in replacing the coils yourself? Here’s a quick glance on how to install the ignition coil?

Step 1 – Start by taking the two bolts off to remove the fuel rails.

Step 2 – Remove the connection from the ignition coil by maintaining the serial.

Step 3 – Do this with each of the coils.

Step 4 – After pulling the old ignition coils put the new ones in place and it will snap itself in position.

Step 5 – The bolts for the coils must be tightened properly so there is no way of it getting loose and coming out.

Step 6 – Put the fuel rail back into place with the palm of your hand and tighten the bolts.

Frequently ASKes Questions

Should you change all of the coils or just the one that’s not working?

Changing all of the coils is always best. The reason being, if one or two are not working properly then the rest of the coils are also on their way to give up. Recommended option by the manufacturer is to get a coil pack and replace all of them to get the best result.

Is buying cheap coils the answer?

Getting cheap coils may be feasible financially at the moment but over time this small saving will become more expensive. Cheap coils wear off quicker due the quality of the coils are not up to par. Thus you may need to change the coils again adding more cost.

Investing to get the best coil pack for 3.5 ecoboost is the answer as you will get the high quality parts which will significantly boost your engine’s performance. Why get cheap and suffer twice?

Will replacing the ignition coils increase the engine’s power?

Ignition coils are designed in a way that they will improve fuel economy and as well as overall performance of the engine. The coil replacement won’t increase the horsepower but it will perform better which will in turn give a boost to your F150 3.5 EcoBoost.


In our busy life, making the time to select the ignition coils to replace the old ones can be very stressful. As you need to get specific coils for specific engines, a lot of research is needed to find the best one for your F-150 3.5 Ecoboost. The replacement coil may give your engine the extra boost you are looking for or left you stranded on the side of the road.

To avoid the possibility of being stranded on the road side, I have compiled a list of compatible ignition coils for your Ford F-150 3.5 Ecoboost. The ignition coils are carefully selected so that you can relax and enjoy driving the monster that is F-150.

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